3 Reasons Leading Prudêncio to Choose Encapsulation Instead of Removal of Asbestos-containing Fibrocement Roofs


Fibrocement roofs were the preferred choice of most Portuguese contractors for several decades. This material was widely adopted due to its durability, versatility in application, and competitive pricing, making it an attractive option.


However, over time, it was discovered that this material could pose dangers to both people and the environment when it undergoes breakage or develops cracks. This is because the cement compound includes 10 to 20% asbestos fibers, a highly hazardous material for humans.


Following this discovery, the question arose whether it would be better to proceed with the removal of all asbestos-containing fibrocement coverings. At Prudêncio, we believe that the optimal solution lies in encapsulation whenever feasible!


Continue reading this article to uncover the three reasons underlying our viewpoint.


Image 1: Prudêncio Project – Rehabilitation of Fibrocement Roof at 9Zero9 Condominium Management


Removal or Encapsulation: Which is the safer solution?


For our team, the answer is simple: whenever possible, opt for encapsulation.


Prudêncio has been a pioneer in developing and applying a method for encapsulating asbestos-containing fibrocement roofs, preventing the release of fibers that pose a risk to public health.


Encapsulation involves confining asbestos with specific coatings. Through Prudêncio’s method, the fibrocement is completely enveloped and shielded from factors that lead to its degradation, such as physical stress, temperature fluctuations, rain, and humidity, ensuring everyone’s safety.


On the other hand, removal presents a greater risk of fiber release, endangering the health of both workers and the surrounding population. Furthermore, the removal process is complex and unsafe, costs are high, and considerable downtime is required compared to the encapsulation solution.


If you’re not yet convinced, here are three reasons that guide our choice for this solution:


Greater Health Protection


Fibrocement poses a low health risk when in good condition. Removal could more easily contribute to the release of asbestos fibers, with serious implications for our health.


The risk primarily occurs in professional contexts, with the inhalation of airborne asbestos fibers, especially in situations involving direct contact with extraction.


Therefore, Prudêncio’s encapsulation method circumvents the risks associated with removal, transportation, and disposal through meticulous execution, preventing the release of asbestos dust during these tasks.


Better for the Environment


At Prudêncio, we take special care in choosing the solutions we apply, always considering their ecological and sustainable aspects.


By utilizing KÖSTER’s waterproofing membranes, an eco-friendly solution, we transform a potentially hazardous roof into an environmentally friendly and sustainable system.


Furthermore, we achieve waste-free recovery that avoids the risks associated with removal. This solution also contributes to long-term environmental prevention, mitigating landfill overloading.


More Effective and Durable


Through our encapsulation solution, we provide more effective waterproofing and thermal insulation. This is achieved through the continuous integration of elements such as walls, gutters, stairwell walls, and chimneys. This approach envelops all roof components in a single waterproofing layer.


In addition to the quality and longevity of materials used and improved thermal performance, our system shields the fibrocement from all factors that contribute to its degradation, ensuring its containment.


Image 2: Prudêncio Project – Rehabilitation of Fibrocement Roof, Nave in Marvilla


Always Choose the Safest and Most Efficient Solution!


In most cases, the best solution does not involve removing asbestos-containing materials; rather, it entails neutralization and rehabilitation through methods like Prudêncio’s encapsulation, which ensures greater safety, environmental protection, and effectiveness.


Always opt to consult a professional in the field before deciding on a course of action, so you can make the most informed decision.


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