KOSTER Waterproofing TPO Membranes

Environmental responsibility, sustainability, and technical superiority are the result of this partnership between Prudêncio and Koster.

What is TPO?

TPO is the acronym for thermoplastic polyolefins, a type of single-layer waterproofing membrane that is applied through thermal welding using robotic systems.


Are all TPO membranes the same? 

No, each manufacturer has its recipe for specific ingredients and additives. Koster TPO membranes are based on polyethylene (PE), unlike most of which are polypropylene (PP). The PE provides greater flexibility, resistance to abrasion and traction, greater resistance to UV radiation, thermal amplitudes, and extreme temperatures, among many other advantages.


KOSTER TPO membranes have a 10 to 25-year warranty, with a useful life of over 40 years.

We are exclusive representatives and applicators in Portugal of the brand Koster. Together we have developed unique solutions that meet the high level of demand of our customers.



Are Koster’s TPO membranes only applied to roofs?

No, as waterproofing material, they can be used in multiple applications. However, they are mostly used in roofs.


Why choose Koster TPO membranes?

Koster is one of the oldest TPO manufacturers in the world. It belongs to a narrow group of PE-based TPO producers, to which it added a distinctive feature: the top and bottom layers are produced using the same quality material.


Koster TOP advantages

Ecological, Sustainable, Efficient, Long Lasting



  • Do not contain toxic or dangerous compounds.
  • They are totally recyclable.
  • They do not contain non-molecular plasticizers such as PVC membranes.
  • High resistance to UVs, ozone, and high temperatures.
  • Resistant to root perforation.
  • Resistant to all weather conditions (ex.: certified for hail).
  • Resistant to acids, solvents, oils, and alcohol. Do not rot.
  • They allow the direct application of any thermal insulation.
  • Reflect sunlight.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Lifetime over 40 years when exposed.
  1. Rehabilitation and Waterproofing of Water Tanks: The state of conservation of the reservoirs significantly affects the quality of the water, regardless of its use. Prudêncio rehabilitates its reservoir through the application of Koster TPO Aqua waterproofing membranes suitable for potable water environments. The main fields of application of these membranes are structures of water retention and transport for various purposes, including for human consumption, agricultural or animal production that requires a totally safe membrane: Reservoirs; Tanks and Basins; Artificial Ponds and Lakes; Irrigation Channels
  2. New Work and Rehabilitation of Roofs: Roof is a constructive element of extreme importance in the surroundings of buildings, as it allows the protection of the interior against the action of several external agents, such as rain, wind, and solar radiation. Good waterproofing solutions require site analysis, a professional concept, and the right products. We have specific TPO membranes for the various types of buildings: Homes, Commerce Services and Industry. To optimize roofing performance and ensure the expected life of your waterproofing system it is advisable to carry out preventive maintenance, such as cleaning of gutters and sporadic checks.

Certification for Sustainable Construction

Flexible, safe, sustainable, this is how to describe this product with the gold classification, the highest classification for sustainable construction awarded by the German institute: Institut Bauen und Umwelt eV (IBU)

FLL certification for green roofs

FLL certification is the most demanding test for the approval of membranes in landscaped gardens or roofs. Koster TPO membranes are officially certified for use under the soil, vegetation, and horticulture by the German Institute Hochschule Weihenstephan – Triesdorf.


Certification of drinking water

Koster TPO Aqua membranes meet the most stringent hygienic requirements for potable water environments in accordance with the German DVGW W 270 standards and the KTW guidelines of the Institute in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

The application of these solutions requires detailed and technical work. This is a tailor-made, demanding and meticulous solution. Prudêncio is technically specialized to perform these services and presents unique solutions that stand out in the market.


We offer professional advice and specialized technical support.

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