Prudêncio is distinguished with the COTEC Innovative Status



Prudêncio was recognized with the COTEC Innovative Status, awarded by the partnership between Cotec Portugal and seven banking entities.


This status distinguishes Prudêncio as one of the national companies with the highest performance in terms of innovation, being an example of value creation for the country.


Keep reading the article to learn more about this recognition and its advantages to the awarded companies.




What is the COTEC Innovative Statute?

Founded in 2003, COTEC Portugal is today, the main Portuguese business association whose mission is to promote innovation and business technological cooperation. Currently, it has an extensive universe of multinational companies, large national groups, and SMEs across various sectors of activity.


Launched this year, the COTEC Innovative Status is a seal of reputation that arose from a partnership between COTEC Portugal, the financial sector, and institutions linked to the National Innovation System, with the purpose of recognizing the capacity and potential for innovation of companies with profitable growth in the domestic market. 


Any company operating in the national territory, either SME or large companies, with investment in Research & Development, can join the initiative.

To do so, it is necessary that it has a high level of performance and financial stability and that it meets the requirements of the Regulation. Nevertheless, interested companies will only be able to do so in the second edition, since the deadline for applications was March 5, 2021.


In this first edition, 890 applications were eligible, 566 of which had their results recognized.



Objectives and advantages

This status consists of a new innovation rating that was created with the purpose of evaluating and distinguishing national companies with a high innovation performance, favoring their reputation in the market.


Check out the main objectives and advantages:

  • Greater notoriety, promoting the public recognition of companies for their Innovation performance, and setting examples of value creation for the country;
  • Distinguish national companies with a high innovation performance and enhance the expansion of the capital market;
  • Create a network of partners with benefits for innovative companies;
  • Better financing conditions for Innovative Companies;
  • Greater visibility in the market based on a “Rating Innovation Scoring”.


The COTEC Innovative Status has, however, a 1-year validity period, and the Company can request its renewal at the end of that period.



Estatuto Inovadora COTEC



Certified Innovation

It is, therefore, with great pride and satisfaction that we announce the award of the COTEC Innovative Status to our company, recognizing our performance, the value we create for the country, and the innovation potential that our services represent for the sector.


Given the challenges we are currently facing, it is highly gratifying to have the confirmation of the quality of our services and the recognition of our assertive, innovative, and differentiating solutions in the market.


We share this distinction with all our employees, customers, and partners for being part of this growth guided by proximity, solidity, and trust over the years.



Rehabilitation of Prudêncio’s Fiber Cement Roofs, a project approved by the National Innovation Agency


Building trust and reinforcing distinction

With increasing certainty, we will continue to stimulate a path of constant innovation and learning, always maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and determination that characterizes us.


We are determined to do better and better and to invest in what sets us apart: sensitivity to detail, commitment, and dedication to continue to deserve our customers’ trust.

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