Rehabilitation of Metal Roofs? Discover 5 benefits of this process


Roofs are an essential component of buildings. In addition to protecting them from weather conditions, such as precipitation, they also contribute to controlling the interior temperature of the building.


The rehabilitation of all types of metal roofs is one of the primary areas of work that Prudêncio is highly specialized in and dedicates a significant portion of its production capacity to. These types of roofs are mainly found in large commercial and industrial areas, but also in other service and residential buildings.


If you have a metal roof and are not yet aware of the benefits associated with its rehabilitation, continue reading this article and discover what this efficient solution can do for your project.


Image 1: Prudêncio Project – Rehabilitation of the Metal Roof at CEA, Abóboda Business Center, in Cascais


What are the advantages of this procedure for your project?


The rehabilitation of metal roofs demonstrates its effectiveness thanks to the quality of materials used in thermal insulation and waterproofing.


Furthermore, this system stands out by offering a comprehensive solution for all components of the roof, such as gutters, walls, chimneys, and skylights, eliminating unwanted points of heat loss and ensuring complete sealing.


Another significant feature of this system is its lightweight nature, which does not compromise structures and allows for partial rehabilitation, enabling the repair of critical areas in stages according to defined priorities.


In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the rehabilitation of metal roofs also offers:


  • Environmental Preservation: prevents waste generation and material disposal in landfills, contributing to environmental protection.
  • Speed and Comfort: enables faster and more comfortable construction for clients without disrupting their normal activities.
  • Extended Lifespan: prolongs the life of the metal roof, avoiding the need for complete replacement.
  • Cost Savings: compared to full roof replacement, rehabilitation is often more cost-effective and can target problematic areas.
  • Aesthetic Improvement: enhances the appearance of the building’s roof.
Image 2: Prudêncio Project – Rehabilitation of the Roof at ISAG – Higher Institute of Administration and Management, Porto


How does the system implemented by Prudêncio work?


The system implemented by our team for the rehabilitation of metal roofs consists of thermal insulation panels finished with a waterproofing system, both placed over the existing sandwich panels or metal sheets on the roof. If necessary, this can be complemented with acoustic insulation to achieve better user comfort.


The most common insulation we use is PIR – polyisocyanurate. This product, with low thermal conductivity, ensures efficiency and thermal comfort for buildings. Moreover, it’s quick to install, lightweight, adjustable, and easy to apply.


To finish, we apply our KÖSTER TPO waterproofing system, which is not only elegant and flexible but also consists of eco-friendly membranes that are extremely durable, prioritizing environmental responsibility and sustainability. This product has been recognized with a Gold rating in sustainable construction by the German Institute for Building and Environment (Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.).


To learn more about the unique features of this solution, refer to our article on KÖSTER TPO Waterproofing Membranes.


Discover the best solution for your project!


Prudêncio Impermeabilizações is a Portuguese company of reference in the roof rehabilitation market, with over 40 years of experience.


Whatever your needs, we find the solution that offers you the most advantages. Get in touch with our team and discover our innovative, sustainable, and effective solutions that provide security to buildings and their users.


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