The retreat of the Prudêncio team in Fafe

In October, we challenged the Prudêncio team for a day full of terrestrial and aquatic activities!


We believe that culture, communication, and relationships are best built when people are together, and share experiences.


So, nothing better than holding a day of conviviality with many challenges to get out of the work routine! Check below.




We went to Fafe to challenge ourselves

The Queimadela Dam in Fafe was an arena for a day full of activities and challenges that tested all team members!


All activities were planned to provide moments of relaxation but also to promote better communication and trust among all.


This is how, as a team, we lived a day with enriching, educational and fun experiences that allowed us to strengthen ties, promote team spirit, mutual help, and collaboration.



Outdoor Activities

The day began with a general meeting between the employees and the company responsible for the event to prepare us to face the challenges that would appear.


From then on, there was a succession of activities that, naturally, very close and fun, tested the abilities and empathy of the whole group.


We went through several activities that included, among others, levitation, traditional games, games of aim, passage through the web, canoeing, and paddle. In the end, there was a little bit of everything for the team to go out automatically!


Commitment, cooperation, agility, listening, and leadership were some of the essential points that marked the event.



An explosion of dynamic and captivating energy

Here is a small photographic record of the retreat.



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