Management Policy

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Prudêncio is a waterproofing company, specialized in the waterproofing of roofs, water tanks, and swimming pools, focused on client satisfaction through the quality and customization of the solutions it presents, with the mission of serving well and establishing lasting relationships with its relevant stakeholders, promoting continuous improvement and ensuring an adequate safety performance.

The principles that underlie and guide our management are:

  • Looking at each of our clients in a unique way, feeling their problems as our own
  • Promote continuous team training
  • Provide our employees with a safe and healthy work environment, preventing and controlling health risks, injuries and conditions
  • Promote worker consultation and participation, seeking to remove barriers
  • Comply with applicable regulatory legal requirements for the organization
  • Ensure the sustainability of our business and its jobs, generating confidence in all stakeholders – Customers, Employees, Suppliers, State and Society in General – focusing on organization and standardization
  • Ensure environmental sustainability


To continue nurturing pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction and the legacy we leave for the future.

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