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Challenging limits, finding solutions: the inspiring rehabilitation of CaetanoBus’s roofing At the end of 2023, we successfully completed one of our most challenging projects to date: the rehabilitation of the CaetanoBus factory roof.
Problems with waterproofing? 5 causes and how to resolve them Uncover the reasons behind waterproofing failures and how to address these issues effectively. Safeguard your property and your health with effective solutions. Keep reading to learn more!
Tech4Bio – Leading the way in innovation Prudêncio's commitment to innovation fuels the Tech4Bio project, seamlessly integrating research and technology.
Sustainable Innovation: Discover 7 architects that inspire changes aligned with the environment In the forefront of architectural evolution, sustainability is a fundamental commitment. We highlight 7 specialized architects who contribute to the construction of a future with greater environmental responsibility.
Checklist for roof maintenance   Ensuring the durability of building coverings should be an essential practice. Being the roof a vital element of the building, it is important to be in good conditions to preserve structural integrity and ensure long-term habitability.   In this...
cobertura ajardinada
The best plants to include in your rooftop garden A green roof is a structure covered with plants and vegetable soil, overlaid with a waterproofing system. Discover the ideal plants!
fibrocimento cobertura
Asbestos in rooftops: Prudencio’s approach and practices in its encapsulation system The risks increase if the fiber cement is subjected to direct handling, as in the case of removal. For these reasons, we are committed to the unique efficiency of Prudencio encapsulation.
Discover how to maximize your building’s energy efficiency   Climate change and global warming have left their mark on each of us, making us more aware of the importance of sustainability and the conservation of natural resources. This awareness has made energy efficiency a central theme in current...
Rehabilitation of Metal Roofs? Discover 5 benefits of this process If you have a metal roof and are not yet aware of the benefits associated with its rehabilitation, continue reading this article and discover what this efficient solution can do for your project.
3 Reasons Leading Prudêncio to Choose Encapsulation Instead of Removal of Asbestos-containing Fibrocement Roofs At Prudêncio, we believe that the optimal solution lies in encapsulation whenever feasible! Continue reading this article to uncover the three reasons underlying our viewpoint.
Are all TPO membranes the same? Prudêncio explains the uniqueness of the Köster brand When it comes to choosing the most suitable TPO membrane for each waterproofing project, the question often arises: are all TPO membranes the same? Throughout this article, we will clarify this question.
The 5 best renovations to do in the summer Keep reading this article and discover 5 of the best renovations to do during the summer.
5 challenges in roofing rehabilitation | Backstage at Prudêncio Ao longo deste artigo vamos apresentar-lhe os 5 desafios que a equipa da Prudêncio enfrenta durante a prestação deste serviço, bem como as formas utilizadas para ultrapassar os mesmo.
5 Construction trends for 2023 The construction industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and technologies emerging every year. Thus, it is essential that professionals in the area remain aware of these changes in order to offer a more competitive, updated, and efficient service.
5 Tips to extend the life of your metal roof Throughout this article, we will present you with 5 tips that will help you extend the useful life of your metal roof.
Learn about the importance of asbestos-cement roofing rehabilitation In this blog article, we will explore the importance of rehabilitating  asbestos-cement roofing and addressing this issue as promptly as possible.
Do you know how dampness affects your home’s air quality? Continue reading this article and find out what the effects of dampness on your health are and how to maintain humidity levels at values considered to be appropriate.
Fresenius Medical Care Hemodialysis Clinic
Prudêncio: reference company in waterproofing with punctual performance in the construction area Prudêncio also dedicates itself, occasionally, to industrial construction on the land it owns, and has a land division project underway.
Köster's TPO
The everyday pieces created by Prudêncio, designed from Köster’s TPO Prudêncio applied Köster's TPO in a creative way in small everyday utilitarian pieces, like card holders and book dividers.
The Deck System
Advantages and applications of Prudêncio’s metal roofing rehabilitation system – the Deck System Prudêncio's metal roofing rehabilitation system – Deck System – is one of the most versatile options in the construction industry.
How to innovate in the Construction sector
How to innovate in the Construction industry and thrive in today’s competitive scenario Among the solutions to achieve innovation in the construction sector are the implementation of new methodologies and technological tools.
Thalia Theater or Laranjeiras
A work of unique beauty – Thalia or Laranjeiras Theater In this article we recall what was considered one of the most emblematic spaces by the Lisbon elites in the 19th century - Thalia Theater.
Rehabilitation: a growing trend in the Construction sector
Rehabilitation: a growing trend in the Construction sector As the construction industry grows, rehabilitation becomes a popular trend in order to make the most of existing resources and infrastructure.
Encapsulation VS Removal of Asbestos containing Fiber Cement
Encapsulation VS Removal of Asbestos containing Fiber Cement     Asbestos cement slabs are a widely used system to protect roofs from water, and there are several opinions from entities that say that, as a general rule, encapsulation of asbestos cement is preferable to its removal.   Taking...
Digital transformation strategies for the construction industry
Digital Transformation Strategies for the Construction Industry Although the construction industry has been slower when it comes to digital transformation, many construction companies are turning to digital technologies to improve their processes.
How to keep your house cool in the summer?
How to keep your house cool in the summer? Check out these 5 tips! Summer is just around the corner and temperatures are already starting to rise. Know how to prepare your home for the most expected season of the year.
What is the lifespan of Prudêncio's solutions?
Roofs  •   Specific Solutions  •   Water
What is the lifespan of Prudêncio’s solutions? To better clarify those who follow us and those who may want to contact us, we address in this article the duration of Prudêncio's solutions.
Types of green roofs: extensive, semi-intensive and intensive
Types of green roofs: extensive, semi-intensive and intensive Green roofs – considered the “fingerprints” of growing and evolving cities – play an important role in sustainable construction.
6 roofing projects by Prudêncio for inspiration
6 roofing projects by Prudêncio for inspiration Roofs are a fundamental part of buildings, as they protect them from the entry of water, being the most responsible for their thermal efficiency.
Casa de Sá
Casa de Sá: how to safeguard your library from the effects of rising damp In an article that preserves the past and looks to the future, we visit Casa de Sá – a historic manor house and farmhouse in Ponte de Lima.
Why are Köster TPO membranes the most suitable for waterproofing?
Why are Köster TPO membranes the most suitable for waterproofing? Waterproofing membranes are an essential part of any construction project, whether it is a new build or a rehabilitation.
Obra da Prudêncio no Pingo Doce de Loures - Reabilitação de cobertura metálica
Opportunities and challenges of Waterproofing Get to know the main opportunities and challenges of waterproofing.
Facade of Ruins of Saint Paul's
A work that preserves history – Macau Pavilion We take a trip back in time to the facade of Ruins of Saint Paul's, one of Macau's most emblematic monuments.
Can the future of construction be sustainable? The construction industry is one of the most important in the world and is always evolving to keep up with the latest trends. 
Our solution for water tank rehabilitation Does your water tank need to be rehabilitated, but you don't know where to start? Meet our solution.
The retreat of the Prudêncio team in Fafe In October, the Prudencio team was challenged for a day full of terrestrial and aquatic activities. Find out everything in this article.
Problems with rising damp? 5 basic questions you should know Dampness is one of the worst problems that can arise in a dwelling. Clarify all your doubts.
Why a green roof? (4 projects you need to know) There is nothing more enjoyable than adding a touch of green to an urban center!  We highlight four very interesting projects that you should get to know.
Roofs  •   Specific Solutions  •   Water
Is your project eligible for an intervention by Prudêncio? At Prudêncio, we are dedicated to medium and large works and to solving complex challenges. Check if the typology and size of your project fits our scope of services.
Modular Houses: Is it a trend with a future? Although modular construction is not a new phenomenon, the truth is that it is attracting a lot of interest and generating investments.
8 mistakes to avoid when maintaining water tanks The maintenance of water tanks should be done at least once a year, but this procedure can and should be more frequent depending on the state of conservation and water quality.
Roof Rehabilitation – Mediapro We have recently finished another major roof rehabilitation that brought us a special excitement.
Terraces: decorative and functional trends No terrace is big enough for us to explore ways to enhance the space. Discover the main trends that transformed and continue to transform these spaces.
8 Signs that your roof is needing to be rehabilitated Roofs are a building's main protection. Discover the main internal and external signs to look out for.
Prudêncio is distinguished with the COTEC Innovative Status Prudêncio was recognized with the COTEC Innovative Status, awarded by the partnership between Cotec Portugal and seven banking entities.
5 tips for saving water in the condominium The importance of saving water is nothing new but, in practice, the actions that are implemented are sometimes insufficient to what is already possible.
Green roofs: more than a trend Green roofs have been gaining popularity in recent years considering the numerous economic, social, and ecological benefits.
Three essential steps for effective waterproofing Waterproofing is essential to extend the life of a building and ensure the safety and well-being of those who will use it.
Top Home & Garden Trends in 2021 Sustainability, nature, detail, and minimalism are the keywords in the main trends seen and expected in 2021.
Roof rehabilitation project – Interview CEO Zeugma In April, we finished another project of rehabilitation of a metal roof. This work took place at Zeugma's industrial unit in Mafra
Floating paving slabs: the solution for the rehabilitation of terraces Prudencio combines aesthetics and functionality by rehabilitating terraces with the finishing of floors with hydraulic mosaics.
APTIV - cobertura
Efficiency and Quality: Metal Roofing Rehabilitation System The rehabilitation of all types of metal roofing is one of the areas of work that Prudêncio is most suited for, and to which it intends to devote a greater percentage of its production capacity.
Lifelines: Prudêncio’s new service Safety is a vital issue for Prudencio. Therefore, we decided to include the supply and installation of Lifeline systems in our services.
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4 Prudêncio’s essential solutions for your condominium Prudêncio offers special solutions to Condominiums that are specialized and adjusted to the needs of each customer with maximum technical rigor and attention to detail.
Prudêncio’s project is approved by the National Innovation Agency Prudêncio received the approval of its application to SIFIDE for the project "Development of a Fiber Cement Encapsulation System".
At what stage of the construction work should waterproofing be done? The waterproofing of a construction site should be considered during the project phase and before the beginning of the work, avoiding infiltrations, water leaks, fungi, and bacteria.
Rising damp: what is the most effective solution? The market presents numerous solutions that promise to solve this problem, but the difficulties and setbacks remain. Get to know our solution.
The importance of the fixations in apparent waterproofing systems The roof of buildings is the element most exposed to the weather and it is essential to develop a project with the calculation of the quantity and distribution of the fixations.
Curiosities  •   Roofs
Trends in the habitation and construction accelerated by the Pandemic The pandemic has changed the way we live and accelerated some habitational trends that were already being implemented gradually.
Guide for a proper maintenance of water reservoirs The correct maintenance of water reservoirs requires great responsibilities and constant attention to ensuring the protection of water quality and its preservation, avoiding waste and damage to the structure.
Advantages of fiber cement roof rehabilitation For Prudencio, the best solution when it comes to asbestos is the rehabilitation of fiber cement roofing. This method brings countless benefits and advantages in relation to its removal and is, therefore, the safest choice.
Guide for a more sustainable condominium Residential and commercial condominiums bring together a large number of people and the concern for the well being and respect for the environment is becoming more and more important in the demand for efficient services.It is no longer just a...
Roofs  •   Water
Why is waterproofing systems a safety guarantee? Medium and long term building safety is a priority in any construction or renovation project. And among the various ways of ensuring this same safety, waterproofing appears as one of the most relevant.
Daniela Ricardo presents showcooking about healthy eating Prudêncio has organized an internal initiative to promote healthy eating habits and social gathering outside the work environment. 
Prudêncio - Casa Eficiente
Prudêncio becomes part of Casa Eficiente 2020 Program   Sustainability has always been a priority for Prudêncio. In our works, we use some of the most ecological and sustainable solutions in the market. It is therefore with great pride that we are part of the Casa Eficiente 2020...
Meet Visitas, Prudêncio’s new mobile application Determined to use, in our processes, innovative and technologically advanced solutions, we have developed an application that allows us to optimize the collection and recording of data needed for budgeting, during the first visit to the site.
Is your house ready for the rain? Summer is coming to an end and, as we prepare to say goodbye to the hot days, we are also preparing for the return of the rain. But is our house ready?
Prudêncio becomes a member of the National Association of Green Roofs Sustainability has been part of Prudêncio's core since its beginning. And it is for this reason that we are very proud to become effective members of the ANCV (National Association of Green Roofs). Read on to learn more.
How to identify and solve infiltration problems on terraces Usually used as leisure and even dining areas, terraces add a lot of value to a building. However, this value can be undermined by its vulnerability. Find out how you can effectively identify and resolve infiltrations on terraces.
What do you need to know about tubular daylighting systems? We present an innovative solution to offer natural light to buildings, which eliminates the weaknesses of skylights and represents numerous benefits. This solution consists of tubular daylighting systems, also known as solar tubes. Know more.
Prudêncio received the seal of the Condomínio+ Network from DECO Proteste This year marks another important step for our company. Prudêncio was distinguished by DECO Proteste with the Condomínio+ seal, becoming part of the Condomínio DECO+ network. Learn more about this distinction.
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What are the main flaws in waterproofing systems? Most of the problems that can occur in a building are the result of mistakes in waterproofing systems. But what can these mistakes be? And how can we solve them? Read on to learn more.
How to identify infiltration problems in your home Problems related to water infiltration can be dangerous for you and your home. Take advantage of this time at home to learn how to identify these problems and have a complete check-up at your home.
Roofs  •   Specific Solutions  •   Water
Choose sustainable waterproofing solutions Sustainability is more than a trend, it is a responsibility we all share. At Prudêncio, we work with some of the most ecological and sustainable solutions on the market. Know more.
Prudêncio was considered a PME Leader in 2019 by IAPMEI It is with great pride and satisfaction that we announce the attribution of the PME Líder 2019 statute to our company by IAPMEI. Find out more about this distinction that reflects the effort and dedication of an entire team.
How to prevent water leakage from your water tank Do you know what condition your water tank is in? Find out how you can identify if your tank is at risk and learn about our effective and sustainable waterproofing solution.
Waterproofing of large buildings – Challenges and peculiarities At Prudêncio we are dedicated to waterproofing medium and large buildings and to solving complex challenges. In this article, we will address some of the particularities and challenges of working on buildings of large dimensions.
Prudêncio: A Historical brand that reinvented itself Over the past few decades, we have been establishing ourselves as a symbol of waterproofing in Portugal. In 2018, we decided it was time to start a new cycle and renew our image. Read on to learn more.
What cares should you have in this quarantine period? The disease caused by the new coronavirus was considered a world pandemic by the World Health Organization and put us all, without exception, in a state of alert. In order to minimize the consequences of this disease, it is the...
Rising damp and negative-side waterproofing? We have the solution Did you know that rising damp is among the most frequent causes of damage to walls and floors? Read on and discover our complete solution for the treatment of rising damp.
The Origins of Waterproofing The quest for waterproofing techniques goes back to 13000 years ago when humans felt the need and desire to protect their shelters from the elements, such as storms, rains, and winds. Learn more.
Roofs  •   Water
What are waterproofing membranes? Pathologies caused by water infiltration are a common problem in buildings. In this article we focus on one of the most popular waterproofing products: waterproofing membranes.
Construction Trends for 2020 After a period of relative stagnation, the construction sector is now focused on growth and innovation. Read on to learn about the industry's key trends for 2020.
The Importance of sustainable building certifications Sustainable building certifications are very important to the construction sector, essentially with regard to energy optimization. This makes sense if we think that buildings account for over one-third of the energy used worldwide. Learn more.
10 Iconic Buildings you need to know At Prudêncio, we are passionate about the construction industry and we develop solutions that extend the life of public and private buildings. Get to know here our selection of the most fascinating buildings in the world, which you should visit...
ISO 9001: 2015 Certification: Why is it important? Prudêncio has obtained Systems Certification by SGS according to NP EN ISO 9001: 2015. This certification was an important recognition of the work we have been developing on waterproofing and insulation solutions. Read on to learn more.
What do you need to know about Water Tanks? In September we published an article with information about the problems your home water may have. Today we give you more information about the tanks that store the water you consume. Read on to learn more.
Rising damp: What it is and how to solve it Moisture is one of the worst problems your home can have. In addition to the damage it causes to the property, moisture can represent a loss of comfort and health problems. Read on to learn more.
A Brief History of Braga Cathedral Braga Cathedral was the first Portuguese cathedral built several decades before the founding of the country. Prudêncio is proud to have been part of this History, having been responsible for its rehabilitation in the field of waterproofing. Know more.
Roofing Intervention Opportunities The roofs are deeply linked to essential aspects of urban life. As such, there is a need to monitor the conditions under which they are functioning and to intervene. Read on to learn more.
What problems can your home water have? Have you ever wondered how the water you consume reaches the taps in your home? If it is through a reservoir, it is essential that measures are taken to ensure water quality. Learn more.
The 10 Buildings with the best views in the world There are many ways to explore a city, but nothing replaces the experience of seeing a city from above. Discover the buildings with the best views in the world, according to travelers.
The importance of roofs Roofs are an essential component of buildings, protecting them from precipitation and mitigating temperatures in extreme weather situations. But because of their importance, they are at the same time their most fragile point. Read on to learn more.
How to Ensure Good Acoustic Insulation – 6 Steps Poor sound insulation can turn a dream house into a real nightmare! Next, we explain the 6 essential steps to ensure that your work has a good insulation.
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How to prepare your home for summer While preparing the plans for the summer, we must also prepare our house so that we can enjoy the long hot days in the best way.
Roofs  •   Water
The importance of KÖSTER Environmental responsibility, sustainability and technical superiority are at the same time the principle and result of the partnership between Prudêncio and the German brand KÖSTER.   Prudêncio is proud to have the exclusive representation in Portugal for TPO of KÖSTER....
How to remove moisture from your home Moisture can turn any dream house into a real nightmare. Learn here how to solve the moisture problem in your home.
How to keep a garden beautiful the whole year A beautiful garden depends on many factors, from the planning and cultivation phase to the daily maintenance care. Continue to read to learn some tips that will help you to take good care of your garden.
Discover the tallest buildings in the world   Over time the cities have been growing. The construction sector had to adapt to the growth of each city, looking for solutions to organize the public space.   If a few decades ago cities grew horizontally, nowadays we can say...
Waterproofing of lakes in Golf Courses In the design of a golf course there are usually one or more lakes, most of which are artificially created. But what do they serve and how do they stand?
Roofs  •   Specific Solutions  •   Water
Top 7 Problems for condominiums Condominium management companies deal in a daily basis with these problems, getting to know their effects on the lives of the residents and constantly looking for the most effective solutions for each case. Find out which are the most common...
How to Rehabilitate Your Pool Are you thinking about rehabilitating your pool? Waterproofing is indispensable for any area or surface that has contact with water, especially in the case of swimming pools. Look for professionals specialized in finding the best waterproofing solutions for each project.
Dangers of asbestos for your health Asbestos is the trade name used for the fibrous variety of six naturally occurring metamorphic minerals. Asbestos is present in many types of materials such as: asbestos cement tiles, waterproofing coatings for buildings, plaster, fireproof coatings, false ceilings, thermal and...
Rising damp at home? Know the dangers to your health Having rising damp problems have the ability to quickly turn a dream home into a real nightmare. Living in a house with these problems is a threat to the health of all family members.
Roofs  •   Water
What you need to know about waterproofing Are you looking for waterproofing services in Portugal? We can solve your problem. Waterproofing is the way to prevent infiltration or leakage of water and to protect against fungi and bacteria or the destruction of your assets.      ...
Roofs  •   Water
Looking for waterproofing services in Algarve? Contact us and schedule a meeting at our nearest office in Lisbon. Our telephone number is: +351 211 165 219. In  Algarve we have already carried out waterproofing services in works such as: Parking lot of the Square 1º de Maio...
Roofs  •   Water
Looking for waterproofing services in Lisbon? Contact us and schedule a meeting at our office in Lisbon. Our telephone number is: +351 211 165 219. In Lisbon district we have already carried out waterproofing services in works such as: Basic School of Padre Cruz District - DGESTE and Strada Outlet...
Roofs  •   Water
Looking for waterproofing services in Porto? Contact us and schedule a meeting at our office in Porto. Our telephone number is: +351 220 046 186. In Porto district we have already carried out waterproofing services in works such as: IPMA – Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere in Matosinhos and Sonae Maia...
Roofs  •   Water
Looking for waterproofing services in Braga? Contact us and schedule a meeting at our office in Braga, Rua Feliciano Ramos nº20, 4700-378. Our telephone number is: +351 253 612 829. In Braga we have already carried out waterproofing services in works such as: Cathedral of Braga,...
Do you think you know the water you drink? Do you know the condition of your water tank? You may be experiencing considerable water loss or drinking contaminated water. The maintenance of the building network is the responsibility of the respective owners or condominiums.
Why choose Green Roofs? Prudêncio launches the challenge: improve your ecological awareness by adopting, whenever possible, green roofs in the renovation of the existing building and by including them in new projects, and enjoy the environment they provide.
Rehabilitation of Metallic Roofs – Deck System The Deck roofs system is based on a profiled sheet metal, fixed in a resistant support structure, which constitute the support for the coating solution, composed of thermal insulation and waterproofing system.
Rehabilitation of Swimming Pools with PVC Armed Membrane The system of rehabilitation of swimming pools of Prudêncio is a system that is simultaneously waterproofing and final finishing and allows to recover the swimming pool without damaging its external surroundings.
Rehabilitation with Hydraulic Mosaics “Concrete Slabs” The finishing of floors with hydraulic mosaics, through the application of plates, is a suitable solution to use in terraces, floors and roofs and presents valuable advantages to any work.
Roofs  •   Water
KOSTER Waterproofing TPO Membranes Environmental responsibility, sustainability and technical superiority are both the principle and the result of this partnership between Prudêncio and Koster.
Did you know that in most cases, rehabilitation of asbestos roofing is safer than removal? The existence of asbestos in a building does not in itself constitute a risk to health. Normally, the best solution is not to remove asbestos-containing material that is in good storage, but to neutralize it.
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