Checklist for roof maintenance


Ensuring the durability of building coverings should be an essential practice. Being the roof a vital element of the building, it is important to be in good conditions to preserve structural integrity and ensure long-term habitability.


In this guide, we will explore a detailed checklist for roof maintenance, revealing the secrets to maximize its lifespan.


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An unquestionable necessity. If neglected, there are risks…


Maintaining the roof of a building in excellent conditions is crucial to preserve structural integrity and protect the safety and comfort of its occupants. Additionally, it prevents substantial costs associated with urgent repairs and internal damages to walls, ceilings, and furniture.


Most experts recommend semi-annual inspections, as it has been proven that regular maintenance significantly increases the roofs’ lifespan.


Roofs in good condition act as an effective barrier against rain, strong winds and extreme temperatures, contributing to the energy efficiency of the building by helping to maintain a consistent internal temperature. This results in lower heating and cooling costs throughout the year. 


Neglecting maintenance can lead to significantly higher costs than regular investments in inspections and preventive maintenance.




Maintenance checklist


A comprehensive planning is the foundation for effective maintenance. It should contemplate operations such as inspection, cleaning, protective treatments, repairs and replacements,


1- Regular inspections


Before going up to the roof, inspect the interior of the building, looking for signs of water damage such as mold, mildew, leaks, water stains, and peeling paint.
This is one of the first defense actions against the ongoing degradation of the roof. It will allow you to easily identify points or areas of the roof with potential issues.



2- External structural components


Pay attention to areas with skylights. Make sure there are no signs of water ingress or damage around them.
Also chimneys, ventilation openings, pipes, and other equipment should be inspected for cleaning and signs of aging, such as peeling paint, rust, rot, moss, or fungi.



3- Preventive cleaning


Establish an effective cleaning plan to remove dirt and waste. These can obstruct drainage systems, causing structural risks due to the weight of accumulated water or leading to premature deterioration of some surfaces.
Keep the trees around the building trimmed to prevent damage to roof finishes and materials, as well as to minimize the production of waste resulting from leaf fall.



4- gutter status verification


Include in the maintenance routine a detailed check of the gutter. Obstructions can lead to serious drainage issues. Keep these areas unblocked to prevent infiltrations and structural damage.



5- Evaluation of membrane conditions


Periodically assess the conditions of waterproofing membranes. Identify bubbles, cracks and other damages that may compromise the effectiveness of waterproofing.
Additionally, regularly verify the sealants in critical areas. Replace them immediately if damaged, to guarantee the watertightness of the roof.



6- Occasional infiltration testing


Finally, consider conducting infiltration tests, especially after extreme weather events. It will help identify vulnerable areas and ensure that the coverage remains completely safe against water entry.


These tips present a comprehensive approach to periodic maintenance actions. Monitor your coverage and make necessary repairs through regular interventions. This will reduce damages and ensure the durability of the roofing system.




Guarantee the longevity of your roof


In more serious scenarios, lack of maintenance can lead to severe leaks, irreparable structural damage and, ultimately, complete roof replacement. The resolution requires immediate interventions, which may include replacing damaged membranes, structural reinforcement and repairing compromised components.
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