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Checklist for roof maintenance

  Ensuring the durability of building coverings should be an essential practice. Being the roof a vital element of the building, it is important to be in good conditions to preserve structural integrity and ensure long-term habitability.   In this guide, we will explore a detailed checklist for roof maintenance, revealing the secrets to maximize … Continued

Encapsulation VS Removal of Asbestos containing Fiber Cement

    Asbestos cement slabs are a widely used system to protect roofs from water, and there are several opinions from entities that say that, as a general rule, encapsulation of asbestos cement is preferable to its removal.   Taking this into consideration, Prudêncio thought of developing and applying an extremely efficient waterproofing and thermal … Continued

The Origins of Waterproofing

The quest for waterproofing techniques goes back to 13000 years ago when humans felt the need and desire to protect their shelters from the elements, such as storms, rains, and winds. Learn more.

What are waterproofing membranes?

Pathologies caused by water infiltration are a common problem in buildings. In this article we focus on one of the most popular waterproofing products: waterproofing membranes.

What do you need to know about Water Tanks?

In September we published an article with information about the problems your home water may have. Today we give you more information about the tanks that store the water you consume. Read on to learn more.

A Brief History of Braga Cathedral

Braga Cathedral was the first Portuguese cathedral built several decades before the founding of the country. Prudêncio is proud to have been part of this History, having been responsible for its rehabilitation in the field of waterproofing. Know more.

Roofing Intervention Opportunities

The roofs are deeply linked to essential aspects of urban life. As such, there is a need to monitor the conditions under which they are functioning and to intervene. Read on to learn more.

What problems can your home water have?

Have you ever wondered how the water you consume reaches the taps in your home? If it is through a reservoir, it is essential that measures are taken to ensure water quality. Learn more.

The importance of roofs

Roofs are an essential component of buildings, protecting them from precipitation and mitigating temperatures in extreme weather situations. But because of their importance, they are at the same time their most fragile point. Read on to learn more.

The importance of KÖSTER

Environmental responsibility, sustainability and technical superiority are at the same time the principle and result of the partnership between Prudêncio and the German brand KÖSTER.   Prudêncio is proud to have the exclusive representation in Portugal for TPO of KÖSTER.     About the brand KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG KÖSTER is one of the oldest TPO … Continued

Top 7 Problems for condominiums

Condominium management companies deal in a daily basis with these problems, getting to know their effects on the lives of the residents and constantly looking for the most effective solutions for each case. Find out which are the most common problems.

How to Rehabilitate Your Pool

Are you thinking about rehabilitating your pool? Waterproofing is indispensable for any area or surface that has contact with water, especially in the case of swimming pools. Look for professionals specialized in finding the best waterproofing solutions for each project.

What you need to know about waterproofing

Are you looking for waterproofing services in Portugal? We can solve your problem. Waterproofing is the way to prevent infiltration or leakage of water and to protect against fungi and bacteria or the destruction of your assets.       Plan the waterproofing of the construction work during the design phase In any commercial, industrial, … Continued

Looking for waterproofing services in Algarve?

Contact us and schedule a meeting at our nearest office in Lisbon. Our telephone number is: +351 211 165 219. In  Algarve we have already carried out waterproofing services in works such as: Parking lot of the Square 1º de Maio in Portimão (Town Hall) and Aparthotel Olympus de Vilamoura (now Luna Olympus Hotel) See here for our reference works.

Looking for waterproofing services in Lisbon?

Contact us and schedule a meeting at our office in Lisbon. Our telephone number is: +351 211 165 219. In Lisbon district we have already carried out waterproofing services in works such as: Basic School of Padre Cruz District – DGESTE and Strada Outlet – Pingo Doce Odivelas. See here for our reference works.

Looking for waterproofing services in Porto?

Contact us and schedule a meeting at our office in Porto. Our telephone number is: +351 220 046 186. In Porto district we have already carried out waterproofing services in works such as: IPMA – Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere in Matosinhos and Sonae Maia Business Center and in several private projects. See here for our reference works.

Do you think you know the water you drink?

Do you know the condition of your water tank? You may be experiencing considerable water loss or drinking contaminated water. The maintenance of the building network is the responsibility of the respective owners or condominiums.

Why choose Green Roofs?

Prudêncio launches the challenge: improve your ecological awareness by adopting, whenever possible, green roofs in the renovation of the existing building and by including them in new projects, and enjoy the environment they provide.

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