Daniela Ricardo presents showcooking about healthy eating

Prudêncio has organized an internal initiative to promote healthy eating habits and social gathering outside the work environment. 


On September 25th, the team was welcomed by Naturena Agro-tourism, a space for holistic health, natural food and sustainable tourism for a showcooking about healthy food presented by Daniela Ricardo.


Daniela Ricardo is a Professor and Consultant of Conscious and Natural Food and author of the books Viagens da Comida Saudável, Cozinhar com Amor (winner of a Gourmand Cookbook Award), Sabores do Viajante and the most recent one, Cozinha das Emoções, presented at Fnac on October 16th.


Daniela was very happy to accept this challenge and highlighted the importance of Prudencio’s initiative for wanting to “bring more quality of life and health to its team”. 

Thus, the Prudêncio team had the opportunity to enjoy a different gastronomic experience focusing on natural food.


During the showcooking, Daniela Ricardo presented her view on the act of cooking. In her opinion, cooking and everything that involves food is an “act of love” and her main goal is to show people that the act of eating “is not only based on eating macronutrients”. On the other hand, it is essentially through these that we ingest energies capable of transforming our lives, although in a subtle way.



Cooking with Love

Before the dinner there was a special souvenir: the book Cozinhar com Amor, with a dedication from Daniela and delivered by herself to each one of the guests. 

The book had the participation of friends who also shared their experience and concern with healthy eating habits through recipes and stories that lead to a healthier lifestyle.


Livro Cozinhar com Amor
Book written by Daniela Ricardo, Cozinhar com Amor


Surrounded by nature, the day could not have a better ending. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the group ended the working day with a dinner that gathered the recipes prepared and presented by Daniela Ricardo.


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