Do you think you know the water you drink?

Waterproofing of Tanks and Retention and Water Transport Structures


Do you know the condition of your water tank?


Common pathologies

  • Deterioration of applied materials
  • Delamination of concrete by corrosion of reinforcement
  • Concrete cracking
  • Degradation of interior and exterior coatings
  • Degradation of metallic elements inside and outside tanks
  • Waterproofing of the cover slab and the interior of the tanks with materials without quality guarantee and not certified


  • Very significant water losses
  • High propensity to contaminate water
  • Greater inoperability of tanks
  • Increase in maintenance interventions

Increased costs and health risks! Intervene now!



1. Damaged structure with debris

When the maintenance of these infrastructures is no longer enough, their REHABILITATION is mandatory and indispensable to ensure safe and operational use of the water tank.


2. Structure Rehabilitated and Waterproofed

Prudêncio rehabilitates its reservoir through the application of Koster TPO Aqua membranes. These waterproofing membranes for potable and non-potable water structures meet the most stringent hygienic requirements for potable water environments in accordance with the German DVGW W 270 standards and the KTW guidelines.


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We are exclusive representatives and applicators in Portugal of the brand Köster.


Advantages of the waterproofing system with Koster TPO Aqua membranes

  • Product 100% ecological, safe for human health, water, soil, animals and plants.
  • Compatible with all types of substrates such as concrete, metal, wood, plastic, etc.
  • It requires little care in the preparation of the substrate and prevents the degradation of the reinforcement.
  • Its application does not produce residue, smell, smoke or danger of ignition
  • The applied membranes require no special cleaning or disinfection after application.
  • High resistant membrane with high flexibility.
  • Membrane with 15 years of guarantee and with useful life of more than 40 years.

Fast application

A tank with 150m2 can be waterproofed and filled, so that it is operational in 24 to 48 hours, a scenario that can not be achieved with any other coating. Prudêncio is technically specialized to perform these services and presents solutions that stand out in the market.


Koster TPO Aqua membranes are the durable and environmentally friendly solution for drinking water structures.



Drinking water tanks
Water retention and transport structures


  • Cooling centers
  • Artificial ponds and lakes
  • Water tanks for food production
  • Irrigation tanks for agricultural use
  • Water tanks for fire protection

Do you know that

The stagnation of the water in building tanks is susceptible to deteriorate the quality of the same, being able to affect the taste and the smell of the water, as well as to favor the development of microorganisms?


Breakdowns, infiltrations and uncollected water consumption in municipal networks lead to commercial losses of around 30% in the country average, but are there cases where the value reaches 70% of water lost?


The conservation status of the tanks significantly affects water quality, regardless of its use?


The actual water losses are associated with leaks in water pipes, but also leakages in the walls or floors of the tanks?


The maintenance of the building network is the responsibility of the respective owners or condominiums?


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