Floating paving slabs: the solution for the rehabilitation of terraces


At a time when the house is our greatest shelter, one of the most valued requirements lies in the enjoyment of an outdoor space that meets the best conditions and maximum comfort.

However, since terraces are easily subject to infiltration problems, jeopardizing users’ quality of life, the waterproofing of terraces deserves special attention.


In a single solution, Prudêncio combines aesthetics and functionality to create safe spaces that provide quality, well-being, and safety, by rehabilitating terraces with the final finish of floating paving slabs.


Discover the main advantages of this solution and enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest.


Obra da Prudêncio – Moradia Particular
Prudêncio’s Work – Rehabilitation of terrace, Private Housing



Safe and efficient solution

Usually intended as leisure and even restaurant areas, terraces add value to buildings. However, they are very vulnerable spaces exposed to weather conditions and solar radiation, and therefore susceptible to serious damage of various kinds.


Once the signs and failures in the waterproofing of terraces are detected, it is essential to act as soon as possible and apply the most appropriate waterproofing system, combined with effective thermal insulation. Habitational trends raise new issues for exterior spaces, demanding faster and more effective solutions.


As a response, Prudêncio, a specialist in terrace rehabilitation, proposes the application of the floating floor system with hydraulic tiles, after performing the waterproofing and thermal insulation system.


Reabilitação de terraço
Prudêncio’s work – Rehabilitation of terrace, Alto Minho Building



Comfort and Trust

If you intend to rehabilitate your space through a flexible system that also ensures the aesthetic concept, learn more about Prudêncio’s solution.

This solution can be applied both in terraces, floors, and roofs, and confirms a safe investment for those seeking to ensure greater efficiency and protection of the waterproofing systems applied.


This is because it allows water to circulate at the level of the waterproofing under the circulation floor, which avoids water splashing and ensures a greater safety margin at thresholds.


There is no better invitation to socialization, tranquility, and safety than to enjoy the outdoor spaces without interruptions with the possibility, in case of need of repair, of immediate access to the respective waterproofing without waste of materials and the reuse of the paving slabs in any eventual rehabilitation.


All this reflects in a solution that provides more comfort and confidence to those who take advantage of these spaces.


Reabilitação de terraço
Prudêncio’s work – Rehabilitation of terrace, Alto Minho Building



Innovation and adaptability

With summer just around the corner, make the most of your space and anticipate the usual problems that can arise if you do not carry out correct and preventive waterproofing.


The hydraulic tile finish on terraces, floors, and roofs has valuable advantages for any work in terms of functionality since it allows the floor surface to be always dry and ensures greater protection to the waterproofing system.


It is also very durable and can be combined with other types of flooring. The versatility of hydraulic mosaic tile also means that it can be removed and relocated at any time.

And if you are undecided about the type of finish, don’t worry because this solution presents a diversity of finishes or combinations of materials tailored to your tastes.



Terraço lajetas
Prudêncio’s Work – Rehabilitation of terrace, Private Housing



Challenge us and be surprised

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Present us your case and, after checking if the typology and size of your project fit our scope of services, find out what this solution can do for you, your space, and/or your business.


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