Is your project eligible for an intervention by Prudêncio?


At Prudêncio, we are dedicated to medium and large works and to solving complex challenges.


We offer professional advice and specialized technical support for any type of anomaly in roofs, water tanks and we solve problems of rising damp.


Keep reading the article and check if the typology and size of your project fits our scope of services.





We are all over the country!

With over 40 years of experience in the waterproofing and insulation market, we have carried out numerous works all over the country.


Our mission is to serve our customers well and deliver excellent service with professionalism, promptness, and dedication. To achieve this, we invest in differentiation through the quality of the systems and products proposed.


For this reason, when we don’t trust the solution proposed in the specifications by the client or developer, we follow one of two approaches: we advise them to change, justifying our opinion, or we don’t apply for the work, even if it is very interesting from an economic point of view.


Our services cover interventions essentially in the following areas:



  • Rehabilitation of metallic coverings and application of deck systems in new works
  • Fiber cement encapsulation
  • Waterproofing concrete roofs
  • Green roofs
  • Rehabilitation of terraces and floors finished with Hydraulic Mosaic Paving


Water tanks

  • Diagnostics and waterproofing



  • Horizontal barriers against rising damp


Prudêncio’s work: Mediapro roof rehabilitation, Venda do Pinheiro



Can my roof be submitted to intervention?

We rehabilitate all types of roofing and, in any project, we privilege direct contact with the final client. That is why we work with very few construction companies, especially solid companies in which we identify with their working principles.


When it comes to large scale works, our performance extends to different areas of the construction sector:


  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Urban
  • Public Buildings


In any of these scenarios, including medium-sized ones, we strive to provide our customers with reliable waterproofing solutions which help to extend the lifetime of the properties by making them resistant to infiltrations.


For this reason, we have become the exclusive applicators in Portugal of KÖSTER TPO membranes. We consider it to be the best waterproofing solution on the market for flat roofs.


Although new construction is within our scope of services, we are very much focused on rehabilitation, for which we present efficient, practical, and sustainable solutions.


However, we highlight the rehabilitation of large metal roofs and fiber-cement roofs, where we apply our solutions without interrupting your business or activity!



But how do I know if my roof needs an intervention?

Detecting roof infiltrations as early as possible is very important!

For the average urban resident, this observation is necessary so that the intervention can be done in time and avoid further damage.


Check the signs of a roof that is no longer performing its functions here.



Prudêncio’s work: rehabilitation of FDUP water reservoir, Porto

Can my water tank benefit from Prudêncio’s solutions?

Besides all types of roofing, we also highlight the waterproofing of water tanks, with KÖSTER TPO Aqua membrane that meets the most stringent hygienic requirements for drinking water.


For these systems, we are suited for any kind of building site, from the smallest to the largest.




Does Prudêncio have a solution for my problem of rising damp?

Flaws in the design phase, poor construction with waterproofing problems, location in a humid area, or the ageing of materials are the main causes of humidity. 


At Prudêncio, we treat rising damp in any room and any building type with our comprehensive solution which guarantees total and long lasting efficiency: KÖSTER Crisin 76 Concentrate.


This is KÖSTER’s patented resin system which creates a horizontal barrier to rising damp and successfully stops it permanently by sealing the capillaries.


It is never excessive to remind that this type of problem should always be identified by a specialist before any repair work.

As with water tanks, this solution is also suitable for any type of work, from the smallest to the largest.



Waterproofing services in Portugal

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