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Waterproofing is the way to prevent infiltration or leakage of water and to protect against fungi and bacteria or the destruction of your assets.


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Prudêncio Waterproofing is a leading company in the waterproofing market in Portugal.


With more than 40 years of experience in the waterproofing and insulation market, we have carried out countless works all over the country. Your work may be next!


We perform waterproofing of roofs, water tanks, swimming pools and complex projects and solve problems of rising damp.


Contact us and schedule a meeting at our office in Braga, Rua Feliciano Ramos nº20, 4700-378. Our telephone number is: +351 253 612 829.


In Braga we have already carried out waterproofing services in works such as: Cathedral of Braga, AGERE – Braga Water Treatment Station and in several private projects. See here for our reference works.


We are specialized in a diverse range of waterproofing services and we are constantly looking for innovative solutions.


We offer waterproofing solutions tailored to the needs of condominiums. We position ourselves as partners in problem solving.

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