Our solution for water tank rehabilitation


Does your water tank need to be rehabilitated, but you don’t know where to start?


At Prudêncio, we rehabilitate or reactivate reservoirs that, many times, have been deactivated for several years.


To do so, we have a solution: the waterproofing system with Köster TPO Aqua membranes.


Keep reading the article and get all your questions answered about this solution.




Our solution for water tank rehabilitation

The solution to most infiltration problems must be based on an understanding of the root causes of the problemwhich include problems during the design phase, issues during construction, the use of inadequate materials and techniques, and the lack of maintenance.


In response, there are several types of waterproofing systems on the market, but for Prudêncio there is only one solution: Köster TPO Aqua membranes, for their durability, sustainability, and effectiveness!


These membranes meet the most stringent hygienic requirements for drinking water environments, according to the German DVGW W 270 and KTW guidelines.

But let’s go in parts to clarify all your doubts about it.



Prudêncio’s Work – Before and After the Rehabilitation of the Water Tank of the Faculty of Sports of the University of Porto



Did you know that…


… The application of membranes is one of the most demanded solutions


Whether to prevent or solve infiltration problems, waterproofing membranes are a safe and reliable bet on the market.


The TPO-based membrane is highly resistant to breakage and provides very high flexibility so that even large cracks do not affect the membrane. The way the system is applied has also contributed to this, functioning as a “bag” independent of the support that is only fastened at the tops using metal profiles that are mechanically nailed to the tank walls and to which the membranes are vulcanized. This solution prevents the tensions of the support from being transmitted to the waterproofing system and causing damages to it in the short and medium-term.


Such simplicity of application makes the solution even more attractive as it requires little or no preparation of the substrate.



… Among the most common pathologies recorded in water tanks are:  


  • The deterioration of the materials applied
  • Concrete delamination due to reinforcement corrosion
  • Concrete cracking or splitting
    The deterioration of interior and exterior coatings – waterproofing, mortars and paintings
  • The degradation of metallic elements inside and outside the tanks
  • The waterproofing of the roof slab and the interior of the reservoirs with materials without quality guarantee and non-certified


… This solution allows a very quick application and start of use


Prudêncio is technically specialized to perform these services and presents solutions that stand out in the market.

A tank with 150m2 can be waterproofed and filled so that it becomes operational in 24 to 48 hours, a scenario impossible to achieve with any other coating.


Additionally, its maintenance is very simple! After emptying the tank, all you have to do is clean it with running water using sponges or soft brushes.



… It can be applied in several scenarios


  • Drinking water reservoirs and tanks
  • Water retention and transport structures
  • Cooling plants
  • Ponds and artificial lakes
  • Water reservoirs for food production
  • Irrigation reservoirs for agricultural use
  • Water reservoirs for fire protection


… It has a 15-year warranty and a life span of more than 40 years


Köster TPO waterproofing membranes meet the most stringent hygienic requirements for drinking water environments.
They are guaranteed for 15 years and provide extreme durability making this solution a safe choice for drinking water structures.



… The membranes do not affect the potability of the water


It is by performing tests that we can determine that the waterproofing system guarantees the quality of the water and that there is no contamination of the membranes themselves.

With our solution, we effectively ensure the potability of water for consumption since, in addition to preventing water loss, it also eliminates the possibility of fluids passing from the outside into the tank, protecting the water from contamination such as fungi or bacteria, among others.



… This solution has numerous competitive and sustainable advantages


From our experience, the application of the Köster TPO Aqua membrane is the most suitable solution on the market for water tank rehabilitation!


  • 100% environmentally friendly product, safe for human health, water, soil, animals, and plants.
  • Compatible with all types of substrates such as concrete, metal, wood, plastic, etc.
  • It needs little care in the preparation of the substrate and prevents the degradation of the reinforcement.
  • Its application does not produce residue, odor, smoke, or danger of ignition.
  • It doesn’t require special cleaning or disinfection after application.
  • It is highly resistant to tearing and with high flexibility.


Do you know what condition your water tank is in?


There is no better way to prevent water from being wasted and damage that may pose various health risks than to waterproof.


We can improve your tank’s functionality by applying Köster TPO Aqua membranes. Please contact us.

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