Prudêncio: prioritizing the well-being and safety of our teams


As a reference in the waterproofing sector in Portugal, with 50 years of experience, Prudêncio takes pride in delivering differentiated results to its clients. 


Always focused on quality, we are committed to providing the best service on every project. A fundamental part of this mission is our philosophy of providing exceptional working conditions for our teams, ensuring that safety, health, and quality at work are always top priorities. 


Therefore, we implement protocols and continuously invest in the best training and protective equipment. Our dedication to these issues is reflected in every step of the process, from initial assessment to project completion. Similarly, each member of our team is encouraged to identify and prevent risks, so that the utmost care and precision are present in all operations.


Projeto de impermeabilização


A safe and sustainable approach to our projects


In the projects we undertake, we exclusively use Köster TPO eco-friendly membrane systems. This choice is rooted in multiple advantages: they don’t emit toxic fumes during welding, they’re lightweight and clean, and they don’t use bitumens or plasticizers. Moreover, the welding process is conducted with hot air, using robotic systems, eliminating the hazardous use of gas torches.


To showcase the efficiency of our methods, let’s consider the roof rehabilitation of Pingo Doce, in Aveiro, a project spanning 21,500 m². We replaced a heavy bituminous solution (172,000 kg) with a TPO system (32,250 kg). The result? A significant reduction in weight and manual labor burden for the teams, alongside increased safety and system efficiency.


With these practices, we prioritize the well-being of our employees while preventing structural overload and implementing innovative solutions.



Prevention and protection as a philosophy


At Prudêncio, the safety of our team is an absolute priority in all the projects we undertake. To fulfill this objective, there are several pieces of equipment that are indispensable.


We employ self-erecting cranes to move and position materials on rooftops, aiming to minimize direct handling by our employees. This practice not only enhances efficiency but also reduces the risk of injuries.


Furthermore, we equip our staff with the best available gear on the market. These include portable anchoring systems, retractable fall arresters, lightweight and comfortable safety footwear, sun protection caps, and elevated platforms. Every detail is considered to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.



Additionally, we provide branded workwear, sunglasses, and sunscreen, encouraging their constant use. Upon starting roles at our company, each employee receives a personalized bag with safety equipment and a toolbox. This gesture reflects our commitment to safety from day one. We also value the individual contribution of each employee, welcoming suggestions for new equipment that can improve ergonomics and work efficiency.


It’s worth noting that we are also certified for the installation of lifelines, an exclusive service for our construction sites and roof rehabilitation clients. With our approach, during the execution of works, we use certified anchor points from lifeline systems to ensure maximum temporary safety.




Investment in training and well-being


We frequently invest in specialized safety training, such as courses on working at heights, conducted in Lisbon, in facilities that simulate real working conditions. The positive feedback from our teams motivates us to continue this investment.


Training conducted at Tecniquitel


We take care of our employees’ health with health insurance offered by the company, which can be extended to family members at reduced costs. We’ve implemented a weekly “Fruit Day” to encourage healthy eating and water consumption.


During the summer, we allow flexible management of working hours to avoid intense sun exposure. On hotter days, teams start work earlier and finish at lunchtime. Additionally, once a month, we provide a physiotherapist to address discomfort from repetitive work, offer massages, and provide training on preventing and correcting improper postures.


Recently, we moved to new facilities, reinforcing our commitment to providing the best working conditions. Among other equipment, we’ve incorporated an electric forklift for material storage and transportation. This transition highlights our ongoing dedication to enhancing the work environment for the entire team.



Commitment to continuous improvement


We are constantly evolving. We will continue to implement new measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our teams, as we believe that only with this commitment to continuous improvement can success be achieved.


By choosing Prudêncio, our clients can be sure that they are working with a company that values both the safety of their teams and the quality of the work performed. This approach allows us to deliver results that exceed expectations, maintaining holistic design as one of the pillars of our success.


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