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Prudêncio is a company specialized in waterproofing roofs, water tanks, and rising damp by capillarity. But it also dedicates itself, occasionally, to industrial construction on the land it owns. We have, at this moment, an allotment project underway where we intend to build our new facilities in the short term.


Our industrial land, classified in the PDM as “AE1 – Large or Medium Industrial”, has about 50,000 m2 and is suitable for industry, warehousing, logistics and services.


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Fresenius Medical Care Hemodialysis Clinic
Fresenius Medical Care Hemodialysis Clinic


The industrial land and the allotment project

The land of 5 hectares is located east of the city, a few kilometers from the center, in the Union of Parishes of Este São Pedro and São Mamede, Braga county. It has recent and fast road accesses, not being necessary to cross the city to any destination, including the entrances to the highways.


These conditions allow fluent traffic and fast access to any point. The site is also near the Iberian Institute of Nanotechnology (INL) and the University of Minho.


Prudêncio has a project underway, in final stage of approval, inserted in the subdivision of the execution unit of UOPG18, already approved by the Braga City Hall.


In Prudêncio’s land we have lots number 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the allotment, with areas of 27.746 m², 1.837 m², 1.820 m² and 1.914 m², respectively.



Site plan


Site plan
Site plan


Construction for rent

The preferred business model proposed by Prudêncio is custom building for rent, negotiating contract duration times and guarantees according to the investor and his conveniences.


We propose a quality industrial construction with sober architecture, for projects to be built in the lots we have available, with areas from 1,820 m² to 27,746 m². Prudêncio’s land has a frontage of about 300 meters for Via do Alto da Vela, the main access from the city of Braga to the Industrial Park of Sobreposta, where this land is inserted.



A project
A project


Some examples of constructions carried out by Prudêncio

Although Prudêncio focuses mainly on waterproofing, it is also dedicated, occasionally, to construction, having performed some projects for renowned companies:


  • At the Industrial Unit of Cachapuz – Bilanciai Group, Braga, Prudêncio was responsible for the design and construction of the industrial pavilion and offices, in a total construction area of 4,100 m².

Leader in Portugal in the design of weighing equipment and solutions customized to the needs of each client, and with state-of-the-art technology, Cachapuz has a centennial market experience in the weighing area and a sustained performance in terms of social and environmental responsibility.






  • Prudêncio also performed the construction of the industrial pavilion and the office structure (without finishes, that were performed by the client) at the Industrial Unit of Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança, in Braga, in a total construction area of 2,100 m².

From the soaps with appealing foreign names, in the early days, to the wave of nationally inspired labels from the 40’s to the 60’s, Confiança’s collection tells the story of the Portuguese and their preferences, continuing to make its presence felt in the luxury market.


  • Fresenius Medical Care Hemodialysis Clinic in Braga (NephroCare), also trusted Prudêncio to carry out the design and construction of the hemodialysis clinic, in a total construction area of 3,800 m².

This clinic in Braga offers a full range of products and services to support renal replacement therapy. More than 30 years of industry experience positions Fresenius Medical Care as a world leader in dialysis products and services. Listed on the Frankfurt and New York stock exchanges, it is among the 35 largest German companies by turnover.



Fresenius Medical Care Hemodialysis Clinic
Fresenius Medical Care Hemodialysis Clinic



Prudêncio adapts to you and your needs

At Prudêncio, we care about innovation and presenting innovative and effective solutions that improve the lives of people and buildings.


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