Prudêncio was considered a PME Leader in 2019 by IAPMEI

It is with great pride and satisfaction that we announce the attribution of the PME Líder 2019 statute to our company by IAPMEI. Find out more about this distinction that reflects the effort and dedication of an entire team.





What does the PME Líder status mean?

The PME Líder status was launched by IAPMEI (Institute of Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation) in 2008, within the scope of the FINCRESCE Program, with the objective of distinguishing the merit of national SMEs with superior performances. It is thus a reputation seal for companies.


This seal is awarded in partnership with Turismo de Portugal, a group of partner banks and Mutual Guarantee Societies, based on the best rating and economic-financial indicators.


Acquiring this status is a very important achievement, as it gives companies notoriety and provides them with optimized financing conditions so that they can develop their growth strategies and strengthen their competitive base.


You can consult the PME Líder selection criteria here.


The group of SME Leaders that present the best performances will also be awarded annually with the status of SME Excellence, having access to more notoriety and benefits.

What are the benefits?

With the central objective of improving the risk profile and encouraging companies to achieve their strategic ambition, the PME Líder and PME Excelência statuses have a set of facilities centered on three fundamental dimensions:


  • Inside the company

In the domain of endogenous factors, which are fundamental for the reinforcement of its sustainability and economic performance, decisive attributes to qualify the corresponding risk profile. IAPMEI, in partnership with several entities, provides products and services on favorable terms.


You can consult the Benefits Letter here


  • In interaction with the surroundings

IAPMEI, Turismo de Portugal, and Partner Banks promote the signage of distinguished companies, giving visibility to their merit in the market and contributing to the creation of a stimulating framework for the development of their activities. The increase in notoriety will allow the company to differentiate itself in its relations with the market.


  • In expanding the offer of financial products and services

Facilitating access to solutions in the best quality and price conditions and a more sophisticated financing offer. You can refer by way of example:

  • The specific offer of each of the Partner Banks to its SME Leader;
  • Favorable conditions for SME Leader in the SME Growth Credit Lines;
  • The development of conditions for access to capital markets, individually or in groups.


Conquering the present with an eye on the future

We will continue to do our best every day and face new challenges, always maintaining the innovative spirit that characterizes us, and consolidating ourselves as a symbol of waterproofing in Portugal.


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