Rehabilitation of Metallic Roofs – Deck System


The Deck roofs system is based on a profiled sheet metal, fixed in a resistant support structure, which constitute the support for the coating solution, composed of thermal insulation and waterproofing system.



1. Support Plate

The support plate serves as a base for the remaining elements of the roof.



2. Vapor Barrier Membrane



3. Insulation Panels – PIR (Note: other types of insulation can be applied)

Polyisocyanurate (PIR) plates are the product with the lowest thermal conductivity index available on the market today. They guarantee regulatory requirements and comfort in the thermal insulation of buildings.



4.1. Köster TPO Waterproofing Membranes

A symbol of innovation and excellence in the waterproofing market, Köster TPO membranes are the choice of Prudêncio. Made up of flexible polyolefins, these membranes are applied in a single layer and require specialized application with a focus on robotic systems.


4.2. Asphalt Membranes

Application in bilayer, with mineral self protection in the superficial layer of the exposed face. Prudêncio applies APP or SBS screens from certified manufacturers that provide high quality products.


Advantages of PIR
  • Excellent thermal performance. Energy efficiency.
  • Low thermal conductivity that allows the use of smaller thicknesses.
  • Quick and easy installation. Lightweight, easy to handle, cut, adjust and apply.
  • High mechanical resistance.
  • It allows you to walk comfortably over the coverage. Good dimensional stability.
  • In accordance with the regulations for resistance and fire resistance.

We are exclusive representatives and applicators certified by Köster.





Advantages of the Deck roofs system


  1. Constructive solution of choice when looking for efficiency, speed and structural lightness.
  2. Continuous system, which guarantees the cancellation of thermal bridges and a total watertightness, either by the solution of continuity in all the existing elements in the roof or by the quality of the thermal insulation and the waterproofing membranes employed.
  3. Rehabilitation can be performed in a phased manner, which allows critical areas to be repaired piecemeal according to their priority.
  4. Rehabilitation eco-friendly, without the need to deposit the roof’s existing material in the landfill.
  5. Speed and comfort in the installation of the system, causing no discomfort or risk to the normal operation of the commercial activity.
  6. It benefits the performance of the building and promotes its longevity.

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