Rehabilitation with Hydraulic Mosaics “Concrete Slabs”

The finishing of floors with hydraulic mosaics, through the application of plates, is a suitable solution to use in terraces, floors and roofs and presents valuable advantages to any work.






Floor always dry – water circulates at the level of the waterproofing, under the floor of circulation, which also brings a greater margin of safety in sills and other critical points. Immediate access to waterproofing in case of need of repair, without wasting materials.



High Durability:

The cement is very hard and the super pigmented deep layer – 3 to 4 mm – so its use does not detract from technical or decorative quality to the tiles. Protects waterproofing by increasing its life time.




The innovative solution allows adaptation to variations, without problems of pavement seams or damage to the membranes – in particular in the perimeter folds – caused by the dilation of the continuous floors in brick.




Mosaics allow for various types of finishes, designs or combinations of materials.



The hydraulic mosaic can be combined with other types of pavement. At any time it can be withdrawn and relocated elsewhere. There are no expenses with waste of materials in eventual works of adaptation or remodeling.




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