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Meet Visitas, Prudêncio’s new mobile application

Determined to use, in our processes, innovative and technologically advanced solutions, we have developed an application that allows us to optimize the collection and recording of data needed for budgeting, during the first visit to the site.

The Origins of Waterproofing

The quest for waterproofing techniques goes back to 13000 years ago when humans felt the need and desire to protect their shelters from the elements, such as storms, rains, and winds. Learn more.

Construction Trends for 2020

After a period of relative stagnation, the construction sector is now focused on growth and innovation. Read on to learn about the industry’s key trends for 2020.

10 Iconic Buildings you need to know

At Prudêncio, we are passionate about the construction industry and we develop solutions that extend the life of public and private buildings. Get to know here our selection of the most fascinating buildings in the world, which you should visit on your next trip.

A Brief History of Braga Cathedral

Braga Cathedral was the first Portuguese cathedral built several decades before the founding of the country. Prudêncio is proud to have been part of this History, having been responsible for its rehabilitation in the field of waterproofing. Know more.

Discover the tallest buildings in the world  

Over time the cities have been growing. The construction sector had to adapt to the growth of each city, looking for solutions to organize the public space.   If a few decades ago cities grew horizontally, nowadays we can say that they grow vertically. The buildings are getting taller and there is competition between countries … Continued

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