Prudêncio: A Historical brand that reinvented itself

Over the past few decades, we have been establishing ourselves as a symbol of waterproofing in Portugal. In 2018, we decided it was time to start a new cycle and renew our image. Read on to learn more about this process.


A History with more than 40 years

Our history began in the 70s, when José Prudêncio, born in Caldas da Rainha, entrepreneur, with a lively spirit and determined personality, decided to take a risk and launch himself in the waterproofing business in northern Portugal, creating Impersol in 1974. The business grew and won a strong position in the market.


On July 3, 1992, a partnership was created between father and children, and JPrudêncio Lda was born.




The beginning of a new cycle

2018 represents a new cycle, with a renewed image, in which we drop the “J” to focus on the essentials. Thus Prudêncio is reborn, in a more authentic and dynamic state.


The change in our brand was accompanied by a renewal of all the graphic elements, including the logo and its variants, in order to convey a more current image and with a simple and strong message.





A successful rebranding

The challenge of renewing our graphic identity was handled by the talented Rui Rodrigues, from Qoob Design Studio.


“As Prudêncio is celebrating its forty-four years, and seeking to renew its integrated identity at this moment of celebration, it made sense, in our reading, to imprint on the identity a solid and, in a good sense, somewhat conservative character. We did not aim to elaborate something complex and far-fetched, nor excessively bold. We sought an answer, one could say classic, that simultaneously imposed ideas of cohesion, solidity, tradition, simplicity, rigor, and functionality. Values ​​in which we realized, right from the first meeting, that Prudêncio sees itself. ” – Rui Rodrigues


By focusing on original elements combined with a font that conveys solidity and simplicity, it was possible to achieve the author’s two main goals: to get the brand to arouse interest and at the same time be able to last in time.


With regard to colors, the choice fell on colors that have a strong contrast to each other, but that relates harmoniously. The objective was to induce two ideas that are connected: nature and sustainability.


“Together with Prudêncio, we realized that this pair of colors made sense, due to the more obvious relationship with water, but also with the soil and nature, with technology, but also with the human side of those who seek the best of technology in different areas to live more comfortable and safe. ” – Rui Rodrigues



With eyes on the future

With a new image and enhanced communication, we continue to move towards being better and better and continue to present innovative and effective solutions that improve the lives of people and buildings.


We will continue to adapt to the times, but always maintaining our essence and what distinguishes us: Prudêncio’s sensitivity to detail.


Prudêncio’s work – APTIV, Braga


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