Tech4Bio – Leading the way in innovation


At Prudêncio, the quest to break barriers and forge new paths is intrinsic to our essence and corporate culture. Innovation guides us along a path of progress, serving as our compass.


Since 1974, we have charted a course that solidifies us as a leading company in the national waterproofing market. Each step has been marked by the pursuit of knowledge and the exploration of new frontiers, with technologically advanced solutions.


Beyond being a singular journey, this path represents an unfolding narrative of perpetual progress. Breathing life into this commitment, we introduce Tech4Bio.




Unveiling Tech4Bio: where knowledge synergy thrives


In the realm of innovation, a pioneering venture emerges, weaving together research and technology. Tech4Bio seamlessly integrates Prudêncio’s expertise with Felismina Moreira’s entrepreneurial drive, being a Sustainable Chemistry Ph.D. since 2013, brings a wealth of experience in biosensor creation and development, deeply rooted in her passion for research and scientific endeavors.


Our team, with both national and international consultants, embodies an abroad spectrum of disciplines: Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Robotics, Biosensors, Nanomaterials, and Nanofabrication. Fueled by a passion for innovation, we stand united to deliver high-quality services in fields that resonate deeply with our core principles, including environmental preservation, sustainability and healthcare.


The breadth of our diversity empowers us to offer comprehensive and tailored support, meeting the specific needs of each exploration proposal. In essence, Tech4Bio transcends mere knowledge alliance; it is a culmination of a collective vision propelling research excellence forward, with investigation as the driving force.




Venturing into uncharted territories of innovation


Our primary goal with this project is to prioritize research and innovation initiatives, which is why we offer a diverse range of services. Among these, we particularly emphasize scientific and technological consultancy alongside advanced technology development in sensor and smart materials domains, enabling versatile applications across various sectors.


Additionally, we strive to support businesses in their certification endeavors, including biomedical device certification in alignment with ISO13485 standards.We craft applications for projects within the scope of PT 2030 and European initiatives, empowering our clients with a competitive advantage.


Our consultants also provide specialized assistance in developing proof of concept for devices leveraging diverse technologies.


With our team’s extensive experience, we offer multidisciplinary consulting services for research projects. We emphasize the Regional Action program, guiding clients to leverage funding opportunities to the fullest. Additionally, we provide support in crafting competitive proposals for European Community programs to secure available European funding.



Exploring horizons, seizing opportunities and fostering innovation are the essence of our approach at Tech4Bio.


Find out more about the project here here.


At Prudêncio,we’re committed to research and comprehensive project development. By investing in groundbreaking initiatives like the one we’re now presenting, we’re not only shaping a sustainable future of our brand, but also aiming to foster widespread progress.


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