The everyday pieces created by Prudêncio, designed from Köster’s TPO



Köster TPO membranes are the Prudêncio’s bet of excellence in waterproofing. As exclusive representatives in Portugal of the German brand Köster, we develop unique solutions that meet the high level of demand of our customers.


Prudêncio applied this resource in a creative way in small everyday utilitarian pieces, such as card holders, book dividers, notebooks, covers and bags.


Continue reading this article and discover the various items we have available, designed using Köster’s TPO membranes.



Köster's TPO


The versatility of Köster TPO

Striving for environmental responsibility, Köster TPO waterproofing membranes can be used in various applications. Due to its technical superiority, it is the material chosen by Prudêncio to meet the demands and responsibility that a roof represents for the entire project. But we also apply it to walls, stairwell walls, and tanks for drinking water or for other purposes.


Moreover, the versatility of Köster TPO can be seen in the accessories that Prudêncio has produced with this material.


In the creation of these materials – card holders, book separators, notebooks, covers and bags – we have contributed a great deal to the taste and connection we have with TPO in particular, and with our entire Köster family. The book separator is the “recycled” function we propose for the TPO sample inserted in the technical brochure for this product.


This is also a way to demonstrate to our customers one of our distinguishing features: attention to detail.



Prudêncio's utilitarian pieces



Prudêncio’s utilitarian pieces

These Prudêncio’s pieces, which are characterized by design and quality, keep their industrial mark, namely in the areas of the membrane where the reference is engraved.


Thinking of ecology and respect for the environment, one of the great characteristics of Köster TPO, we choose, whenever possible, products that have this concern. The lining used in the bags designed with this material, for example, is made from recycled cotton or natural fibers.



The versatility of Köster TPO



The exclusivity of Köster TPO

Köster TPO membranes are Prudêncio’s major focus in waterproofing. Made of thermoplastic polyolefin (hence the term TPO – Thermoplastic Polyolefin), they are applied by thermal welding, with robotic systems.


These membranes have a 10 to 25 years warranty and a useful life span of more than 40 years. Besides, they are distinguished by the following benefits:


  • UV and ozone resistance;
  • Resistance to root perforation, with FLL certification for garden coverings;
  • Resistance to acids, solvents, oils, alcohol and bitumen;
  • Possibility of direct application on any type of thermal insulation;
  • Resistance to all weather conditions;
  • Reflection of sunlight;
  • Reduced maintenance.

As mentioned, Köster’s TPO has a high environmental responsibility. This is because it does not contain or release toxic or environmentally hazardous compounds, and does not include plasticizers and non-molecular binders like PVC membranes. It is fully recyclable.



Köster TPO has a high environmental responsibility


We offer professional advice and expert technical support

The application of these solutions, often customized to our customers’ problems, requires thorough technical work.


Prudêncio is the certified applicator recommended by Köster for your TPO.


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