Three essential steps for effective waterproofing


Waterproofing is essential to extend the life of a building and ensure the safety and well-being of those who will use it.


A building with a good waterproofing system can provide a healthy environment, free of problems such as moisture, for a long period of time.


But what are the essential steps to ensure an effective waterproofing? Read on to learn more.



Prudêncio’s Work – Pingo Doce Aveiro – Rehabilitation of Metal Roofs



Developing a plan

Waterproofing should be considered as early as possible, even in the building design phase. This investment at an early stage of the work pays off in the long term, as it avoids reforms in the future, which will be much more expensive.


If the building design includes a rigorous waterproofing plan, the probability of serious problems in this field is much less. Most of the moisture problems, infiltrations, among others, result from human mistakes, generally caused by poorly made waterproofing plans or their total absence. The waterproofing plan must verify all the details of the construction that help the correct flow of water.


If it is necessary to carry out renovations on a poorly designed building from scratch, it is important to ensure that interventions do not stop its operation, especially if it is a building on which the operation of a business depends. Prudêncio’s solutions give this guarantee, even in the most complex challenges.





Prudêncio’s Work – D. Pedro I School, Alcobaça DGESTE – Roof Rehabilitation



Selection of materials

In addition to defining all the details of the construction, it is essential to consider the quality of the materials to be applied and all the details of their application.


Nowadays, there are several products that aim to respond to the same waterproofing needs, and that applies to the same aspects of construction. Also at this stage, it is essential to think long-term, and know how to choose the products with the best price-quality ratio. The choice should be on brands with an exemplary positioning in the market, which is a guarantee of effectiveness, safety, and durability, as is the case of the well-known German brand Koster.


Sustainability is becoming a central factor in the choice of consumers and, for this reason, Koster also invests in sustainable materials.

At Prudêncio, we are proud to be official partners and exclusive applicators of this brand in Portugal.




Prudêncio’s Work – Rocha Brava Village Resort – Waterproofing of water tank with Koster Aqua TPO membranes



Application of the solution

This is perhaps the most critical step in a waterproofing process, as it is the step that can lose everything.


A good waterproofing plan in the building design phase and the selection of excellent quality materials can be of little use if the execution is in charge of a non-specialized team.


In addition to extensive experience in the development and execution of waterproofing plans and in-depth knowledge of the best products on the market, it is essential that the professionals selected for the job also have experience and knowledge of the best techniques for applying waterproofing systems.


Equally important is that they are able to adapt the systems to the particularities of each work, according to the specifications of the project and the manufacturer, and always with attention to detail.



Prudêncio’s Work _ Marvila Nave – Rehabilitation of fiber cement roof



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