What do you need to know about tubular daylighting systems?

Due to their weaknesses, skylights traditionally used represent a challenge for our roof rehabilitation systems. For this reason, we present an innovative solution to offer natural light to buildings, which eliminates the weaknesses of skylights and represents several benefits. This solution consists of tubular daylighting systems, also known as solar tubes. Read on to learn more.


Prudêncio’s Work – School of Bairro Padre Cruz


What are the disadvantages of choosing traditional skylights?

Choosing traditional skylights might represent a major challenge for roof rehabilitation systems, since:


  • They do not guarantee total tightness;
  • They have weaknesses in terms of the watertight connection to waterproofing;
  • They originate thermal bridges that hinder the energy efficiency of the projects.


What distinguishes the solution applied by Prudêncio?

Whenever there is a need for natural light, we propose to our customers the application of tubular systems of natural lighting, an innovative, technologically advanced, and sustainable solution, which is known in the market for its performance and efficiency.



This solution eliminates the weaknesses presented in the previous point, guaranteeing the following benefits for the building:




The solution can be applied to any type of building, such as:


  • Schools
  • Public Buildings
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Warehouses
  • Buildings
  • Houses
Prudêncio’s Work – Alcochete School


Performance improvements

When we talk about improvements in terms of the performance of this solution, we can speak of two levels: the performance of the people who will use the buildings and the performance of the building itself.


In terms of the people who are going to use the building, if it is, for example, a school building, we can see that the natural lighting provided by this solution has positive results in exam and test scores and reduces students’ tiredness and fatigue.


We can also mention the cases of business buildings, in which this solution leads to an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction, or hospitals and clinics, where reductions in patients’ recovery times are observed.


Regarding the performance of the building, we can speak of:


  • Decreased energy consumption and carbon footprint;
  • Sealing guarantee, eliminating the problems of water infiltration;
  • Protection of materials from aging caused by UVA and UVB rays, such as wooden doors or furniture;
  • Possibility of taking light to cellars or other rooms without access to natural light and the system can be equipped with angle adapters tubes up to 90º to circumvent obstacles.


Prudêncio’s Work – Nave – Marvila



Get in touch with us to incorporate this system in the waterproofing or rehabilitation of your roof

These natural lighting systems should be an integral part of your general lighting strategy and can be applied as easily as any other lighting system during the design phase of the waterproofing system or the rehabilitation of the roofs of your building.


If you are in the design phase, please contact us to develop a tailor-made plan for your building. We incorporate the advantages of this system with our services.


Find out how much you can optimize energy consumption and the efficiency of your building’s waterproofing system, adding value and a sustainable character.


Example: Cruise Terminal at the Port of Leixões, Matosinhos


Example: Beijing University of Science and Technology Pavilion, Olympic Games



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