What you need to know about waterproofing

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Waterproofing is the way to prevent infiltration or leakage of water and to protect against fungi and bacteria or the destruction of your assets.




Plan the waterproofing of the construction work during the design phase

In any commercial, industrial, public or residential work, waterproofing must also have a specific project, integrated with the architecture project. The waterproofing companies are responsible for the development of a project that details the products and the ideal solutions of waterproofing for each work.


If the waterproofing is not well designed and carried out during the construction work, it will have to be renewed later during a rehabilitation process. Preventive implementation of effective waterproofing solutions is the best way to avoid financial loss and serious material damage.



The beginnings of waterproofing

The search for solutions that help prolong the useful life of the real estate, making them resistant to infiltrations, is not something recent. The Romans, for example, already used oils and other materials to waterproof saunas and aqueducts.


In recent decades, the importance of waterproofing has been recognized and has become an essential component of any construction work.



Value for money

By requiring a quality waterproofing service at the beginning of the project, you will be saving in the long run. Choose a waterproofing company that guarantees you a reliable service. Waterproofing solutions are a way of preserving the property and the quality of life.




Choose Prudêncio

Prudêncio Waterproofing is a leading company in the waterproofing market in Portugal, with more than 40 years of existence.


Tell us what’s the problem and we’ll find the solution. We are specialized in a diverse range of waterproofing services and we are constantly looking for innovative solutions. We perform waterproofing of roofs, water tanks, swimming pools and complex projects and solve problems of rising damp.


We offer specialized waterproofing solutions adapted to the needs of the condominiums. We position ourselves as partners in problem solving.


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