4 Prudêncio’s essential solutions for your condominium



Prudêncio offers special solutions to Condominiums that are specialized and adjusted to the needs of each customer with maximum technical rigor and attention to detail.


In this article, we will address four factors that will ensure preventive and constructive improvements in buildings. Discover the best solutions and understand how they can be implemented.




Condominium management companies deal on a daily basis with several problems that affect not only older buildings but also new ones. Since they bring together a large number of people for whom they are responsible, the correct management and prevention of problems directly influence the quality of life of residents, and they must therefore be constantly seeking the most effective solutions for each situation.


The concern for the well-being and the respect for the environment inspire more and more the demand for sustainable and efficient rehabilitation and waterproofing services. In this area, we should be as careful with prevention as with the resolution of its problems.

Find out how Prudêncio can help you in the search for effective, safe, and sustainable solutions.



1. We rehabilitate roofs

We rehabilitate all types of roofs and help throughout the entire decision process, assessing risk, checking the degree of degradation of the material, and identifying the best solution.


If you are looking for efficiency and speed, we have constructive solutions for the rehabilitation of different types of roofs:

  • Deck systems for renovation of metal roofs or new construction;
  • Combined systems of waterproofing, thermal insulation, and drainage, compatible with the creation of garden roofs;
  • We are Köster recommended applicators and exclusive representatives in Portugal of their TPO membranes, which are our commitment of excellence in waterproofing.


In the case of fiber cement roofing, Prudêncio developed a pioneering encapsulation method that protects it, avoiding the release of fibers that represent risks to public health.


This method consists of confining the asbestos with specific coatings that ensure thermal insulation and waterproofing of the roofing, besides protecting the asbestos cement from the causes that lead to its degradation: physical aggressions, thermal amplitudes rain, and humidity. The fact that it is a continuous adaptable system guarantees total efficiency, and with the ecological and extremely durable qualities of Köster TPO, we transform a potentially dangerous roof into a sustainable system.



Reabilitação de cobertura
Prudêncio’s work – Rehabilitation of the roof, Amélia Madaíl Parochial Home, Aveiro


2. We Rehabilitate terraces with “Concrete Slabs”

The waterproofing of terraces is a responsibility of the building’s condominium, and these spaces also deserve serious attention regarding its rehabilitation and reconstruction, since they are very vulnerable to infiltration problems that endanger the comfort and safety of the building and its residents. 


Prudêncio is a specialist in rehabilitating terraces with the application of the floating floor system with hydraulic mosaics, through the application of slabs on supports. This solution can be applied in terraces, floors, and roofs, and presents advantages that ensure, besides the quality of the finish, greater efficiency and protection of the waterproofing systems in the terraces.


Besides allowing several types of finishes, designs, or combinations of materials, the use of this solution allows the water to circulate at the waterproofing level, under the circulation floor. This way, water puddling is avoided and provides greater safety at thresholds and other critical points. Additionally, this system enables immediate access to the waterproofing in case of the need for repair, without wasting materials, and allows the slabs to be reused in any future rehabilitation.




Prudêncio’s Work – Private Residence


3. We waterproof potable water tanks

Problems related to the waterproofing of water tanks are very common and, if not solved in time, can cause infiltrations that will compromise the safety of the structure and the quality of the stored water.


At Prudêncio, we work with some of the most ecological and sustainable solutions in the market. We rehabilitate water tanks by applying Köster TPO Aqua membranes and we ensure their safety, avoiding corrosion and erosion processes.


The waterproofing membranes are 100% ecological, safe for human health, water, soil, animals, and plants. This product is compatible with all types of substrates such as concrete, metal, wood, plastic, among others.

Our solution guarantees fast application and quick start-up, something impossible to achieve with most of the existing systems on the market, and ensures that water is not contaminated or wasted.



Prudêncio’s work – Rocha Brava Village Resort Reservoir


4. We eliminate rising damp permanently

Despite the recognition of the importance of waterproofing, problems with rising damp are very frequent and cause considerable losses every year, not only from a monetary point of view but also in terms of health and well-being. Condominiums should be aware of the first signs of this type of infiltration, such as the appearance of stains, salt efflorescence, or the development of microorganisms and mosses.


Before proceeding with any repair, it is essential to understand the origin of the humidity and obtain as much information as possible about the products and systems to be used.

Prudêncio identifies the origin of your infiltration problem and, if it is caused by rising dampness, applies the patented resin system Köster Crisin 76 Concentrate.


This system combines several actions that permanently stop rising damp: it makes the pore surfaces water repellent and simultaneously shrinks the pore to the point of eliminating its capillary action. Finally, its curing process forms an elastic membrane along the total diameter of the capillary tube.


It ensures the permanent efficiency of the system regardless of the pore structure, salts, or moisture percentage.

The first applications of Köster Crisin 76 are more than 30 years old and keep the horizontal barriers intact and operating at 100%.



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