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Roofs are the protective shield that ensures our safety and comfort, sheltering us from the outside. However, over time, even the most resistant roofs require attention and maintenance, preferably provided by a certified professional. 


Over the past 40 years of activity, our team has been facing some challenges regarding roofing rehabilitation. From aged materials, hidden structural damage, and environmental factors, there are several logistical complexities associated with providing this service. 


Each challenge that arises in roofing rehabilitation poses unique obstacles that require strategic planning and skillful execution, only possible by an adequately specialized professional. 


Throughout this article, we will present you the 5 challenges that Prudêncio’s team faces during the provision of this service, as well as the ways employed to overcome them. So, if you want to know more about this subject, continue with us.


Reabilitação de Cobertura


Challenge 1 – Planning

Each project is unique, therefore it is not always possible to foresee all the challenges or extra needs that will arise during the course of the work. Nevertheless, proper planning before starting any project can help to overcome it more easily and quickly.

The preparation of materials and application methods is fundamental to avoid interruptions in the construction work and optimize production deadlines and costs. Especially for materials that are tailor-made or adapted to the specific characteristics of each project, as in the case of glued finishing profiles and fasteners.

Challenge 2 – Risk of water penetration during the execution of the work

Some applied solutions may be more prone to water ingress during the application of the systems. Changing or adapting application procedures to avoid flooding risks and always keeping an eye on the weather conditions for the next day are essential to anticipate the need for temporary finishing.

In certain phases of the work is mandatory a rigorous analysis of weather forecasts, which can be done through various applications (IPMA, Windguru), in order to avoid unforeseen events. 

Challenge 3 – Seasonality of the activity

Rainy days do not allow a correct and safe rehabilitation of the roofs, so this is a job that should be done preferably in seasons with less probability of precipitation. 

Work stoppages due to climate reasons may turn the management of execution deadlines and start-up commitments into a real “puzzle”, requiring a very well-established organization.


Reabilitação de Cobertura Prudêncio


Challenge 4 – Managing the weights to be placed on the roof during the unloading of materials

Roof rehabilitation can be a challenging task, especially when it involves handling heavy materials at elevated heights. The risks involved demand extra attention and special care.

Pallets of waterproofing membranes can weigh more than 1 ton. In such cases, extra care is required when placing the materials on roofs, especially during the rehabilitation of metal or fiber cement roofs.

Ensuring proper weight distribution and favoring areas with resistant structures, such as beams or pillars, is essential to ensure the safety of everyone involved. There can be no margin for error when it comes to protecting physical integrity during the rehabilitation process.

Challenge 5 – Safety

As we carry out work in places with considerable heights, we face the challenge of ensuring everyone’s safety on a daily basis.


That is why we invest in the best safety systems and provide appropriate training to all our workers. 


Involving the whole team in the definition of safety solutions is essential to deal with the diversity of working conditions that we constantly encounter during rehabilitation projects.


Reabilitação de cobertura


The rehabilitation of roofs has its own particularities and challenges that can and should be overcome, making proper planning and foreseeing more demanding situations before starting each work.


When it comes to work where it is necessary to ensure the safety of all and of the buildings, no details should be left out, and so it is with the services provided by Prudêncio.


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