How to identify and solve infiltration problems on terraces

The terraces are part of the roofs of the buildings since they are spaces created on their slab. Usually used as leisure and even dining areas, terraces add a lot of value to a building.


However, this value can be undermined by their vulnerability, since, as they are open areas, they are more vulnerable to weather changes and solar radiation, which can harm their structure and put the building’s own security at risk.


Find out how you can effectively identify and resolve infiltrations on terraces with our solutions.


Why choose terraces?

In many works, project managers choose terraces instead of conventional roofing systems with structures and tiles.


In this way, it is possible to monetize the building’s roofs, creating new areas that, in another case, would have to be created in ground areas or even excluded from the project, if the land was not large enough to include them.



The importance of waterproofing

As with other areas of the building, such as balconies, the terraces are subject to infiltration problems, which makes waterproofing essential.


As they are open areas, they are directly affected by solar radiation, rain, wind, and all meteorological changes that wreak havoc on the finishes and structure of the building.


The problems of infiltrations on the terraces can render these spaces unusable, at least when they are fully rehabilitated or in attempts to carry out occasional repairs, to the detriment of the resident, who thus finds himself unable to enjoy a leisure area in his dwelling, or for the company, in the case of a commercial or tourist building, which may temporarily lose a source of revenue.


The infiltrations on the terraces can bring vast problems, beyond their origins, since a building is a whole in which the several parts are interconnected, and fragility in one of its areas can jeopardize the security and longevity of the whole, accelerating its degradation.


Therefore, it is essential to be able to detect infiltrations as early as possible, in order to respond in a timely manner and prevent damage from increasing and spreading throughout the building.


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How to detect infiltrations on terraces?

The most common consequence when there are flaws in the waterproofing of the terraces is the infiltration problems. There are several signs that we can watch for to detect this type of problems at an early stage, such as:


  • Mold stains appear;
  • Peeling paint;
  • Lining detachment;
  • Drip;
  • Growth of moss and fungi on the surface;
  • Stains on the floor;
  • Deterioration of reinforced concrete with exposure.



The Prudêncio solution for floors: efficient, comfortable and safe

After applying the most suitable waterproofing system to solve the infiltrations of the terrace and treating its unique problematic points, at Prudêncio we are specialized in finishing floors with hydraulic mosaics, through the application of slabs on suitable supports.


This is the solution that ensures greater efficiency and protection of our waterproofing system on the terraces, which can be applied to other types of surfaces and which presents several valuable advantages for any project, such as:


  • Functionality: Floor surface always dry – water circulates at the level of waterproofing, below the circulation floor, which additionally brings a greater safety margin on thresholds and other critical points. Immediate access to waterproofing in case of need for repair, without wasting materials.


  • Great Durability: The cement is very hard and the deep pigmented surface layer – 3 to 4 mm – so its use does not detract from the technical or decorative quality of the mosaics. Protects waterproofing, increasing its useful life.


  • Plasticity: The floating solution allows adaptation to variations, without problems of cracks in the floors or damage to the membranes – namely in the perimeter folds – caused by the expansion of the continuous floors in mortar and tiles.


  • Variety: The mosaics allow different types of finishes, designs, or combinations of materials.


  • Versatility: The hydraulic mosaic can be combined with other types of flooring. At any time, it can be removed and replaced. There is no expense for material waste in any adaptation or remodeling works.


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Do you have an infiltration problem?

Our solutions are specialized and adjusted to the needs of each client.


Contact us for more detailed information and to check if the typology and size of your project fit our scope of services.


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