How to prepare your home for summer

Summer is finally here! As we prepare our plans for the summer, we must also prepare our space so that we can enjoy the long hot days in the best possible way, inside and outside the house. Read on to know our tips for preparing your home for this new season.



Start by rehabilitating your pool

There are few better things in life than a sunny day spent at the pool. If you already dream of days like these, first remember that there is some work that should be done before enjoying your pool this summer.

The main care is to make sure that the coating is well executed with waterproofing systems. Waterproofing is indispensable for any area or surface that has contact with water, especially in the case of swimming pools, indoor or outdoor.


Waterproofing work is most effective if it is done in the construction phase, but there are techniques for doing so in a swimming pool already in operation, which presents problems such as water leakage.


Water leaks in swimming pools can take on very serious problems, since:


  • compromise the concrete structure;
  • result in a high waste of water;
  • normal cleaning and maintenance work is impossible;
  • can cause infiltration into the subsoil or even into the structure of the property itself, putting it at risk.

If the normal maintenance of a swimming pool can already result in heavy expenses – mainly linked to the state of the water – in the case of poor waterproofing, these values will certainly be much higher.


To solve the problems of your pool, look for specialized professionals. The Prudêncio pool rehabilitation system works simultaneously as a waterproofing and final finish. Learn more here!


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Take care of your garden

A beautiful garden is one of the greatest attractions a house can have on a summer day. Before inviting your friends to a party at your house, make sure you have the garden in perfect condition.


For a beautiful garden all year round, we recommend the use of vases. This is the safe bet that gives you the freedom to move the plants in order to ensure proper exposure to the sun. You can also opt for flower pots.


In order to avoid water leaks, it is essential that the waterproofing of the flower pots or landscaped roofs is done. It will be necessary to consider factors such as: if the flower pot is suspended or in the ground, next to walls or slabs, and the index of insolation. In addition, it is important to analyze which plants are best suited for the space and the ground available for the formation of the garden. This is because the roots can affect the walls of the bollards or even slabs, causing cracks and opening space for water infiltration. There are waterproofing membranes that prevent the aggressions inflicted by the roots, without damaging the plants.


The execution of the work and the application of the waterproofing products must be done by professionals qualified for the work.




Prepare your terrace

Turn your outdoor space into a place where all your friends will want to be this summer. Make the most of balconies and terraces and enjoy the sunshine during the day and the cool breeze in the evenings. You can invest in chairs, loungers, small tables, plants, but also invest in their maintenance and waterproofing.


Prudêncio specializes in finishing of floors with hydraulic mosaics. The use of this solution in terraces, decks and roofs presents valuable advantages for any work. Learn more here!


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Create a mini vegetable garden

An original and fun way to enjoy the longest and hottest days is to make a mini vegetable garden in your home. Bet on a horizontal, vertical, suspended or floor model, but make sure the sun exposure is effective at this location.


For starters, you can choose your favorite herbs and experiment with planting small vegetables such as cherry tomatoes. In addition to the pleasure you can derive from the whole experience of creating and maintaining the garden, you will also have the pleasure of enjoying dishes cooked by you with totally organic products, also treated by you.




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