How to Rehabilitate Your Pool

Choose the best waterproofing solution


Are you thinking about rehabilitating your pool?


Waterproofing is indispensable for any area or surface that has contact with water, especially in the case of swimming pools. Look for professionals specialized in finding the best waterproofing solutions for each project.


Whatever your pool type is – outdoor pool, indoor, in-line with the home or installed in a roof, it is essential that the pool’s finish is well executed with waterproofing systems.


Several architects argue that, for maximum effectiveness, waterproofing must still occur during the construction phase, as they find it important to waterproof the foundations. If the procedure is performed correctly, it will prevent the structures from suffering with moisture, protecting them against various types of cracks, fungi, corrosion, deterioration, peeling of paints, among other consequences that may jeopardize the proper functioning the pool.


Water leaks are a problem anywhere that has contact with water, but in the case of pools these can take on even more serious contours. In addition to compromising the concrete structure, these leaks result in a high waste of water, in the impossibility of maintaining its treatment, in infiltrations in the subsoil or even in the structure of the property itself, which could ultimately put it at risk.



Case by case

Whether building a swimming pool or rehabilitating it, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before waterproofing begins. We can consider factors such as the location, the slope of the soil, the type of pool, the amount of water and humidity predicted, the condition of the structures and even the type of use. A good waterproofing solution is therefore personalized, taking into account the particularities of each project



Rehabilitation of Swimming Pools with PVC Armed Membrane

When renovating a pool, it is important to avoid making the same mistakes that may have been made in its construction. The PVC Armed Membrane rehabilitation method is a safe solution for the solving of waterproofing problems. This constructive method has an impermeable membrane consisting of two flexible PVC-P sheets, joined to a polyester mesh between them, which gives it high strength and durability, maintaining the elasticity necessary to adapt to any corner of the pool.


The blade comes incorporated with a bactericide that prevents the development of microorganisms and algae, responsible for possible stains on the coating, and is protected by a varnish that acts as a shield against dirt and UV radiation.


The advantages of this system are:

  • is simultaneously waterproofing and final finishing
  • is a waterproofing system with elasticity, which is independent of the support, so it is not affected by cracks or yields of the structure.
  • creates or renews in a short time
  • adapts without limit to the intended design
  • allows you to recover the pool without damaging its external surroundings


Prudêncio’s Work


Prudêncio’s work


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We design and renovate all types of swimming pools. Our pool rehabilitation system works simultaneously as a waterproofing and final finishing. Our solutions adapt to any design and structure, to new projects or to rehabilitation.


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