How to remove moisture from your home

Moisture can turn any dream house into a real nightmare. In addition to the problems it brings to the property, moisture also entails several health problems, being able to be responsible for several respiratory allergic diseases.

Moisture in your home can have three different causes: condensation, capillarity and infiltration. For each situation there is adequate intervention, which must be performed by qualified professionals.


Moisture caused by condensation

Condensation is the most common cause of humidity inside houses. This type of moisture appears when the water vapor produced in the interior comes in contact with cooler surfaces and condenses, forming droplets of water.


What is its origin?

This type of moisture comes with common activities like bathing or cooking. In a house where ventilation is insufficient, if the temperature of the walls is much lower than the ambient temperature (or if the outside humidity is too high), this vapor is condensed, giving rise to humidity problems.



How is it manifested?

The moisture originated by condensation is visible in the corners of the walls and ceilings, manifesting in the form of black or brown spots of irregular appearance.


How to avoid or eliminate it?

  • Installation of Humidity Sensors – This type of humidity must be controlled with suitable equipment by installing humidity sensors in various areas of the house. These sensors notify residents if moisture reaches critical levels.


  • Ventilating the house – Ventilating the house is essential to avoid moisture problems and the most natural (and economical!) Way of doing so is opening the windows frequently. Opening the windows also allows the entrance of sunlight, which is also important for prevention of fungal formation.


  • Installing Extraction Equipment – Installing extraction equipment such as kitchen hoods or bathroom fans as well as dehumidifiers is very important to prevent the formation of moisture.


  • Air conditioning with dehumidification system – Some modern air conditioners combine the functions of temperature control and control of excess humidity in one device. This option may be the most economical in the medium and long term.


  • Waterproofing and insulation – A good waterproofing system is essential to prevent exterior between the interior of your home and the insulation cancels thermal bridges and keeps the interior temperature stable, avoiding condensation.


Moisture caused by capillarity

Capillarity consists of the rise of water through small pipes, or capillaries, and this is what happens on the floor and base of the walls of many houses with poor waterproofing between the floor and the ground.


What is its origin?

This type of moisture usually occurs in houses situated in damp grounds, along rivers, for example, on the lower floors – garage or ground floor. The water passes from the soil and goes up the pavement and the walls, being able to reach up to 1,5m in these.




How is it manifested?

Moisture by capillarity causes stains and damages that may be visible on the floor and walls.



How to avoid or eliminate it?

  • The only solution is waterproofing – This type of moisture is difficult to solve. The only action to do is to contact professionals specialized in this type of cases.


At Prudêncio, we apply Koster’s resin system, which creates a horizontal barrier to the rising damp, locking it successfully and permanently through the capillary sealing. Please contact us.



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Moisture caused by infiltration

Infiltration moisture is caused by the direct penetration of rainwater into the buildings. This type of moisture can cause serious damage to the structure.


What is its origin?

If the origin is outside, it could be due to badly waterproof roofs and terraces or fissures in the wall, for example, if the origin is interior most probably we will be faced with plumbing problems.


How is it manifested?

The water that seeps in the interior causes the peeling of the walls, yellow spots and mold.



How to avoid or eliminate it?


  • Repair damage to walls and roofs – A team specializing in this type of solution can repair cracks in the exterior and interior wall. It is also possible to carry out internal waterproofing of the buried walls, concrete protection, among other solutions.


  • Repair your home’s roof – As an essential component that protects you from varying weather conditions, coverage, more than any other component of the building, needs to be in top working order. Ineffective roofs are the main cause of many of the serious problems afflicting the residents.


At Prudêncio we offer efficient and integral solutions for the rehabilitation of all types of coverages. Please contact us.



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