Opportunities and challenges of Waterproofing



The obvious and primary function of waterproofing to protect the construction against infiltrations is to prevent damage of various kinds, from finishes to structure.


Thus, this solution not only prevents the devaluation of the property, but also the need for costly repairs in the future.


With this in mind, we consider it important to identify the main opportunities and challenges of waterproofing.



Prudêncio’s work - Pingo Doce de Loures
Prudêncio’s work – Pingo Doce de Loures


The importance of waterproofing

Waterproofing, a technique used to insulate and protect a property against water entry, is a long-term investment as it will enhance the value of buildings and the integrity of their components.


By preventing infiltration, water leaks, fungus, bacteria and other complications that require expensive and long-lasting repairs, quality waterproofing preserves the value of a property and the investment in it.


Besides, waterproofing safeguards materials from adverse conditions, ensuring the longevity of buildings by protecting, among others, exterior surfaces. Therefore, waterproofing should be a key step when constructing a property.


Let’s discover, then, some main opportunities of this solution.




Waterproofing increases the value of your property


Waterproofing, namely waterproofing with membranes, adds value to a property, whether commercial, industrial or urban. Protecting it against damage, which represents about 20% of insurance claims made by owners, this solution, usually incorporated into systems that include thermal insulation, also enables savings in energy costs


At the same time, quality waterproofing increases the useful life of the building and makes it easier and faster to sell the property.


With a safer and more protected property, there is no doubt that this solution will increase the value of the property, even if the final objective of the property is not to sell.



Safety and Welfare: a must-have solution


Nothing compares to the feeling of buying a property that is safe and free from problems, especially infiltration. Therefore, by waterproofing a property you are also guaranteeing your own safety and well-being.


In fact, waterproofing has a number of advantages, including the following:


  • Extension of the useful life of the properties;
  • Economic security, taking into account that there is no long-term loss;
  • Protection of the property;
  • Health for the inhabitants, who don’t have to live with humidity problems or worry about the development of microorganisms or other harmful fungi;
  • Cost reduction, especially if invested in waterproofing right from the start (this investment, when well done initially, has an estimated cost between 3% and 5% of the work, which is not the case if made in the middle or after the work is finished, in which case its value increases exponentially);
  • Greater safety for the building, avoiding the destruction of materials and the weakening of structures;
  • Preservation of aesthetics, because the appearance of bubbles and other signs of degradation is eliminated.


Preventing damage, ensuring simplified maintenance, avoiding health risks and living better and more peacefully are key reasons to waterproof your property without a second thought.


To do so, it is necessary to ensure that the work is done by a waterproofing specialist with experience in the sector, as is the case of Prudêncio.



Prudêncio’s work - Escola D. Pedro I, Alcobaça – DGESTE
Prudêncio’s work – Escola D. Pedro I, Alcobaça – DGESTE



Obstacles to Waterproofing: how to prevent


Although waterproofing is a safe and reliable bet in the market to prevent or solve infiltration problems, some challenges of it need to be taken into consideration, such as the following:


  • Attempt to reduce costs during the construction phase;
  • Gaps in the knowledge of this subject by construction professionals;
  • Lack of waterproofing projects;
  • Unawareness of the extent of damage that can result from poor waterproofing;
  • Difficulty in finding professionals that combine a satisfactory level of response with efficiency and quality of work.

Although these challenges can represent barriers to waterproofing, it is essential that owners think of this system as a long-term investment.


So, it is urgent to think about this process at the very beginning of the property’s construction, to avoid future problems that could cause further inconvenience if not addressed in advance.


Prudêncio’s work - Mediapro, Venda do Pinheiro
Prudêncio’s work – Mediapro, Venda do Pinheiro



The project of the rooftops in Villas de Agra Condominium – Maia

Prudêncio conducted another successful work. At Villas de Agra condominium, in Maia, which presented examples of advanced degradation inside some of its apartments, we rehabilitated the roofs by reinforcing the thermal insulation and applying new waterproofing.


Even when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, Köster’s TPO membrane has extreme durability. In addition, it presents a high index of solar reflection, as well as a pleasant aesthetic. Therefore, we proposed the removal of the sludge, leaving our system apparent.


As a result, future maintenance will be easier. It also avoids the accumulation of residues in the sludge and the possible obstruction of the rainwater outlet.


Thus, we are facing a successful case that meets the opportunities mentioned in this article.



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