Rising damp: What it is and how to solve it

Moisture is one of the worst problems your home can have. In addition to the damage it causes to the property, moisture can represent a loss of comfort and health problems. Rising damp is one of the most common types of moisture. Read on to learn more.


There are essentially 5 causes for moisture to appear:


  • Rising damp
  • Humidity caused by rain
  • Condensation humidity
  • Moisture in construction
  • Moisture from plumbing leaks


These five types of moisture manifest themselves in different ways and it is part of the experts’ job to understand what type it is and find the right and effective long-term solutions.



What is rising damp?

Rising damp is a term used in construction to indicate capillary infiltration of water present on the floor and wall floors.


Capillarity consists of rising water through small pipes, or capillaries, and is what happens on the floor and base of the walls of many houses with poor waterproofing between the floor and the ground.



How to detect it?

This type of moisture comes in the form of indoor or outdoor stains on the floor and walls. Inside, they can form saltpeter, make it appear moldy or, if it has wallpaper, it will start to peel off.


Outside, moss may appear. This type of humidity can easily be distinguished from others by the extent of the wall that can affect and can rise to about 1.5 m in height.




What is its origin?

Rising damp usually occurs in houses located on damp terrain, by rivers, for example, on the lower floors – garage or ground floor. Water flows from the ground and goes up the pavement and the walls.




How to avoid or eliminate it?

The only solution is the waterproofing. This type of humidity is difficult to solve. The only action to take is to contact professionals who specialize in this type of case to waterproof the foundation elements, walls, and pillars that are in direct contact with the ground.


Let us find the solution for your rising damp problem

At Prudêncio, we apply Koster’s patented resin system, which creates a horizontal barrier to rising moisture, successfully and permanently locking it through the capillary seals.


Suitable for masonry, concrete and stone walls


Environmental responsibility, sustainability, and technical superiority are both the principle and the result of this partnership. Contact us and ask for a quote.


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