Roof rehabilitation project – Interview CEO Zeugma


In April, we finished another project of rehabilitation of a metal roof.
This work took place at Zeugma’s industrial unit in Mafra, a company that provides innovative and customized industrial solutions in terms of machinery, equipment, systems, and services.


Find out the overall project progresses and better understand the importance of this solution in the article below in an interview with Raul Espírito Santo, Chairman & CEO at Zeugma.



Obra da Prudêncio – Reabilitação de cobertura, Zeugma
Prudencio’s Work – Roof Rehabilitation, Zeugma



About Zeugma – TSI, S.A.

Zeugma produces innovative industrial solutions, such as industrial machinery, equipment, systems, and services, with great technological expertise in automation, process control, industrial robotics, industrial information technology, and mechanical engineering.


It produces several ranges of technology applications and system configurations, such as fully automatic production lines, including robotic platforms, for major brands in the automotive industry, well known for its own dynamics, where efficiency, flexibility, and state-of-the-art technology are important factors for its competitiveness.



Unidade Industrial da Zeugma, Mafra


The electronic components industry and the paper and packaging industry are other areas with a high level of evolution and demand for which Zeugma provides customized industrial solutions.


Zeugma creates, designs, and deploys industrial solutions for over 20 years and has partnerships with companies and institutions like Siemens, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Kuka, Afry, Cenfim, among others.


It was a great motivation for Prudêncio‘s team to be able to serve a company with Zeugma’s demands.



Unidade Industrial da Zeugma, Mafra
Zeugma Industrial Unit, Mafra



Contest and Selection

With a worldwide consolidated position, it was with natural demand that Zeugma carefully chose the company that would be selected to perform the rehabilitation of the roof of its building in a contest that proved to be very disputed and thorough.


Therefore, and after several technical clarification meetings, Prudêncio was selected to perform the rehabilitation of the metallic sandwich panel roof.




Objectives and processes

The main goal of the roof rehabilitation was to eliminate the various water entry points that existed on the premises and, at the same time, to improve the building’s thermal efficiency.


In addition, a correct finish was made all around the perimeter, in connection with the façade, which had previously been rehabilitated with ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System), also known as “Cappotto”.


This finishing was non-existent, which jeopardized the integrity of the ETICS system of the façade. Therefore, Prudêncio’s rehabilitation solution foresaw the application of a finishing profile with a dripping effect in TPO-rolled steel on one side. This profile is inserted in the system in a continuous and watertight way, eliminating the joints and visible fixings of the traditional metal finishings.


In addition to some particularities and accessories, the rehabilitation system applied by Prudêncio had as main components the application of PIR (polyisocyanurate) thermal insulation sheets and Köster’s TPO 1.5 membrane, with qualities already demonstrated and presented in several articles in our blog.




Obra da Prudêncio – Reabilitação de cobertura, Zeugma
Prudencio’s Work – Roof Rehabilitation, Zeugma




What motivated Zeugma to want to invest in a roofing rehabilitation project? 

Raúl Espírito Santo: The main motivation for this investment was related to some infiltration problems and technical difficulties of the roof to eliminate said infiltrations effectively.


After a disputed and thorough contest process, for what reasons did you choose Prudencio? 

R.E.S.: The choice of Prudêncio was based on value analysis. Prudêncio presented the proposal with the best value in terms of materials to be applied, weight of the solution on the roof structure, quality guarantee, and competitive price.


In what aspects has the rehabilitation system applied by Prudêncio brought more efficient results compared to other proposals in the market?

R.E.S.: Characteristics of the materials used with better performance than the competitors.


A project of this nature can present some particular requirements. What were the main challenges you faced? 

R.E.S.: The logistics of materials and managing tasks according to the weather conditions.


What were the main objectives and what problems were solved? 

R.E.S.: The main goal was to eradicate infiltrations and increase the thermal performance of the roof.


How do you see the evolution and the impact that this rehabilitation brought to your business?

R.E.S.: The main impact, besides the damage that infiltrations were causing over time, progressively degrading parts of the roof, is related to thermal comfort and the consequent optimization of energy consumption.


What are the main results achieved so far?

R.E.S.: Elimination of infiltrations and thermal comfort.


How would you describe the synergy/dynamics between Prudêncio and Zeugma during the whole process?

R.E.S.: The works were developed rigorously and according to plan, they complied and enforced safety standards and responded proactively whenever requested.


How did the construction process unfold, considering that this type of rehabilitation is done without interrupting your business or activity? 

R.E.S.: It was relatively peaceful apart from some noise due to specific operations of the work performed.


Being Zeugma a company that thinks “green” and this being one of the main advantages of this construction solution, how does this rehabilitation project allow you to reduce the impact of your activity on the environment?

R.E.S.: Besides the materials used in the solution follow and comply with good environmental practices, this solution will allow us to enhance comfort inside the building which will result in an increase of efficiency for people, especially in the summer. In winter it will also allow energy efficiency gains.




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