At what stage of the construction work should waterproofing be done?


Infiltrations, damp, or water leaks are some consequences of waterproofing system failures. Sometimes, it is only when these situations arise that the existing problems in the construction of a building are evidenced. Thus, it is clear that the waterproofing of a building should be considered during the design phase and before construction begins.

Read this article and find out at what point in the construction work waterproofing should be done.




Waterproofing systems operate as a barrier that protects buildings from the entrance of liquids or vapors, preventing the infiltration of water into the building’s structures. This solution involves the act of insulating and protecting a building’s construction materials.


In the long term, a quality waterproofing system prevents infiltrations, water leaks, fungus, and bacteria. In addition, this solution ensures the protection of the building’s structures, adapting to the material being used. In the future, it protects the structures and ensures the longevity of the building. Therefore, the importance of waterproofing in the construction of a building is undeniable.



How does waterproofing work?

Waterproofing solutions and the materials being used have their own distinct characteristics, and the choice depends on the specific need for use and application. The goal is that the solutions can adapt to the particularities of the construction and the properties of the materials used and, therefore, their application will also be different from case to case.


Being a complex solution, professionals with excellency are needed, since they have in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of the different materials and systems, as well as an understanding of their reactions and requirements. It is at this point that waterproofing companies, such as Prudêncio, emerge, being responsible for the development of quality projects that detail the ideal waterproofing products and solutions for each work.



Prudêncio’s work – rehabilitation of fiber cement roofs


At what point should you conduct waterproofing and your project?

More and more, waterproofing systems are seen as an essential component of any construction project. The importance of developing a waterproofing project is evident, ideally even before the beginning of the construction of the property. The waterproofing project should, for this reason, be part of a building’s construction projects and, as a result, should be designed in harmony with the others, such as the architectural, electrical, and landscaping projects, for example. 



Waterproofing should be studied and made compatible with all the components of a building so that, in the future, there are no flaws and it should be done during the structure phase of the building, before the application of finishes, so that they are not degraded by the effects of humidity. It is important to take care of the protection of the waterproofing right after its execution, so that the execution of the finishing works of the construction does not cause damage to it, which can bring considerable losses to the construction owner.



Prudêncio’s Work – Rehabilitation of 9Zero9 Condominium Administration – TPO Waterproofing


What if you detect waterproofing failures?

Despite the importance of waterproofing, problems with humidity or infiltration continue to arise frequently. This is caused by different reasons, such as the attempt to reduce costs during the construction phase; the lack of knowledge on this subject by construction professionals or, sometimes, a complete absence of waterproofing projects.


If you detect a problem of infiltration, water leakage or humidity, you should try to solve it as soon as possible, to minimize its consequences. The resolution or prevention of these problems is, unavoidably, by the selection and application of waterproofing solutions.


The best option is to invest in preventive measures, including a waterproofing and maintenance plan for the medium and long term. As already mentioned, in the design phase it is necessary to define the appropriate solution and respond correctly to the unique points and safety requirements so that these problems have a reduced probability of ever happening.


In case the work is already completed but presents flaws, it is necessary to contact competent professionals who follow the appropriate procedures and use materials with proven effectiveness. These professionals, as is the case of Prudêncio, will be able to identify the source of the problem and find and apply the most appropriate solution to the specific problem.



Prudêncio’s Work – Rehabilitation of Metallic Covering, Pingo Doce of Évora


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