Terraces: decorative and functional trends


Terraces have become increasingly popular in recent years, but this trend can be expected to continue long into the future.


As well as being a great retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, they offer spectacular views and receive plenty of sunlight for a relaxed evening and perhaps starting a small community garden.


Get inspired for your next project and discover the key trends that have transformed and continue to transform these spaces.





If you have a terrace, you have everything

It started out as an interesting alternative to, over time, become a necessity. Today, the construction world is forced to rethink building projects and space priorities. It is almost unthinkable to build a building without contemplating an outdoor space, be it balconies, decks, or terraces on top of the building.


Be it in a residential, corporate, or commercial context, there is no doubt that outdoor spaces help people relax, work in a more pleasant and inviting environment, or simply see the world in a different way, closer to nature, more comfortable, and exciting!


Benefiting from large exposure to sunlight, terraces have also become perfect places to grow vegetables, plants, and flowers, or to build a garden.


No terrace is big enough for us to explore all the ways to enhance the space. It can be through decoration, choice of materials, finishes, etc.


Get inspired by the trends and start registering your ideas.





When it comes to choosing the “right” floor there is no definitive answer. It all depends on your tastes and the personality you want to convey to the space. For that reason, we often see a combination of several types of floors that work well together and convey the perfect look.


We’re talking about concrete floors, a highly resistant option that gives a more industrial and, at the same time, modern style, and which is definitely here to stay!

Wood floors, when properly treated to resist the climate, are also an excellent option that matches any decoration style.


We also have concrete slabs, a very versatile option, with several options of colors, patterns, and finishes.


In addition, the mixture of any of these floors with artificial grass results in an even more pleasant and easy-to-maintain space for people to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, especially when we talk about buildings that are lacking large and green areas.




Decoration and materials

The role of outdoor terraces is nowadays increasingly designed to host numerous activities and provide different experiences, such as accommodating work, social and leisure meetings, holding events, or even a space to enjoy meals.  Therefore, the opportunities and decorative trends are immense!


Regardless of style, character, and personality, we can find different types of decorations and create several environments in one area. Wood, bamboo, rattan, and stone are among the most popular materials.


The rustic and boho decoration in earthy tones with antique pieces is one of the most fashionable styles. Through pieces that have been reused or even through the transformation of new pieces it is possible to give a more rudimentary but cozy style, such as wooden tables, metal chairs, decorative candles, and wicker furniture, very popular for its style and comfort.


Some people also choose concrete structures to serve as sofas with paddings or simply decorate with plants and other decorative objects.

To make the area even more pleasant, you can add rugs and cushions in vibrant colors (yellow, blue, brown, and red) that are waterproof and easy to wash.


Modern decoration does not go unnoticed either. Favoring waterproof items with a minimalist and timeless design like the famous Acapulco chair.


Any corner can be used as an excuse to create a space to relax and socialize, even if it’s just a table and two chairs. It is important to take into account the choice of outdoor furniture prepared for both summer and winter, composed of materials that can withstand exposure to the sun but are also waterproof and easy to clean.


For those looking for a more economical option, pallets can be a very interesting option to consider. They can be customized to one’s style and decorated with colorful outdoor and comfortable cushions in shades of lemon yellow and turquoise.





Being exposed to nature contributes to physical well-being, helps reduce pressure and stress levels. 


As a result, there is a constant search to make these spaces more harmonious through the implementation of garden areas.  These often serve as a connection point between buildings, terraces covering parking areas, or as an individual extension of the interior space where residents can enjoy the outdoors.


Among the most common options are vines to decorate the walls, but also resistant and easy to maintain plants and flowers such as olive, rosemary, lavender, thyme, and camellias, hibiscus, hydrangea, cacti, and succulents.


Green roofs are increasingly popular because they offer functional and relaxing spaces and allow you to enjoy the pleasure of contact with nature in the busy urban environment. Find out more about this solution here.






During the day it is important to pay attention to the amount of sun that the different areas of the terrace receive, in order to choose the best spaces for shelter from the shade and wind, and therefore determine where to place the lighting next to these leisure/rest areas for use during the night.


An original way to illuminate the terrace is to go beyond the typical outdoor spotlights and bet on elegant sconces lights that mix metal elements with wood. This is a type of wall lighting that provides cozy and stylish illumination!





Colors also help to make the environment more pleasant, more lively, and more welcoming. Among the main trends are natural tones, such as terracotta and beige for a more elegant, rustic, and boho style, and yellow, blue, and red tones for those looking for a more festival-like and outstanding style.





If installing a pool or jacuzzi is part of your plans it is important not to forget that this space requires previous preparation and attention to ensure its safety. This means that, first of all, a thorough evaluation should be done to understand if the structure can support the weight, and then implement a waterproofing project to avoid the risk of infiltrations.


Creating glass parapets or glazing the rooms that separate the inside from the outside are excellent ideas to create a visual enlargement of the space by providing a panoramic view of the terrace and the entire outdoor scenery, but also to ensure greater safety.


In addition, it is important that the selection of decorative items is carefully thought out and takes into account the risks associated with weather conditions. That is, avoid choosing pieces that may fly, fall, or break during a wind or heavy rains. Speaking of rain, there is also a growing demand for porous floor coverings to ensure that you can move around safely and not slip and fall.


Some of these materials include non-slip tiles or natural stone, as they are quite elegant and durable. There are numerous colors and textures to explore, and it is quite common to combine this type of flooring with a garden area or with artificial grass.







On its own, a terrace offers enough space to host friends and family, build the reading corner, set up a deck with a mini pool, or decide on a fully landscaped rooftop.


As you could see, whether it’s an office, community space, or private property, you don’t need large areas to achieve a creative and comfortable decor for everyone.





Comfort, sustainability, and functionality

Whatever concept you intend to apply to your terrace, never forget that you should always look at the project in a more technical way as well.


It is essential to foresee a waterproofing project, work with a specialized team with know-how that ensures a safe and functional space to apply all your ideas.


Very committed and attentive to detail, at Prudêncio you will find efficient and integral solutions for the rehabilitation of all types of terraces and rooftops.


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