The 10 Buildings with the best views in the world

There are many ways to explore a city: walking its streets, its cultural spaces, its restaurants … But nothing replaces the experience of seeing a city from above. Each city has a unique horizon and architecture that defines it. Here are the best-looking buildings in the world, according to travelers (don’t read on if you’re afraid of heights!):




1. Burj Khalifa – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Burj Khalifa is the largest building ever built by humans. Construction began on September 21, 2004, and opened on January 4, 2010. This impressive skyscraper is 828 meters high and 160 stories high, offering breathtaking views.


The building is part of a two-square-kilometer residential and commercial complex called “Downtown Burj Dubai”, located next to Dubai’s two main avenues, Sheikh Zayed Road and Financial Center Road (formerly known as Doha Street). ). The architect of the building is Adrian Smith.




2. Tokyo Skytree – Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo Sky Tree, originally called the New Tokyo Tower, is a broadcasting tower in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan.


Initially, the tower was supposed to be 610 meters high, but the design was changed to 634 meters, making it the tallest structure in Japan and the second largest in the world behind the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, referred to above. It is also the tallest tower in the world.


His work was completed on February 29, 2012, and was open to the public on May 22, 2012.



3. Empire State Building – New York, USA

The Empire State Building is a 102-story skyscraper located in central Manhattan, New York, on Fifth Avenue.


The roof of this booming building is 381 meters high, but with its antenna tower included, it reaches 443 meters. The Empire State Building has remained the tallest building in the world for almost 40 years: from its completion in early 1931 to the construction of the North Tower of the original World Trade Center complex in the late 1970s.


After the attacks of September 11, 2001, the Empire State Building again became the tallest building in the city, until One World Trade Center reached a higher height in April 2012. The building is currently the fifth-highest skyscraper. highest in the United States and the 31st highest in the world.


The Empire State Building is an American cultural icon. It was designed in an art deco style and was rated as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. It is also an efficient and sustainable energy structure, being the tallest building in the United States with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, which it received in September 2011.



4. Old Town Hall – Prague, Czech Republic

Old Town Hall, Prague City Hall, located in the Old Town, is one of the most visited historical monuments in the city. It arose from the purchase of several houses that existed on the site, around the fourteenth century, consisting of a set of 5 houses. This magnificent building is recognized above all for its gothic-style tower that houses the historic astronomical clock, one of Prague’s most important sights.


About 80% of the building is original despite the damage sustained at the end of World War II. Nowadays you can visit the halls of the town hall and the tower.



5. Notre Dame – Paris, France

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral is one of the oldest French cathedrals in the Gothic style, with a prime location on Île de la Cité in Paris, surrounded by the waters of the Seine.


The cathedral, whose construction began in 1163, is closely linked to the idea of ​​Gothic in its splendor and spiritual strength. Gothic architecture replaced the thick walls of the Romanesque churches with tall columns and arches that could support the weight of the roofs. As a result, the Gothic buildings gained a lighter appearance, and the larger and taller windows were decorated with beautiful colored stained glass that filtered the natural light, thereby creating a mood of mysticism within.


On April 15, 2019, the cathedral was hit by a violent fire, causing damage to the ceiling, spire, and rosettes. On the day of the accident, the causes of the fire were still unknown, although it was suspected that they had to do with the work in progress.




6. Duomo (Santa María del Fiore) – Florence, Italy

The Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral is the “Duomo” of Florence, Italy, and is located in the namesake square. Its construction began in 1296.


In 1971 it was already the fifth largest church in Europe, after St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Seville Cathedral and Milan Cathedral. This magnificent building is 153 meters long and 90 meters wide in the transept. , while the dome drum is 54 meters.


7. Al-Zaytuna Mosque – Tunis, Tunisia

Al-Zaytuna is the oldest mosque in the capital of Tunisia. It covers an area of 5,000 square meters with nine entrances and has 160 columns brought from the ruins of the ancient city of Carthage.


The mosque is known for hosting one of the first and largest universities in the history of Islam. Many Muslim scholars have been trained in Al-Zaytuna for over a thousand years.


8. Moses Mabhida Stadium – Durban, South Africa

Moses Mabhida Stadium is a stadium in South Africa, built on the shores of the Indian Ocean, on the site of the former Kings Park Soccer Stadium that was demolished in 2006.


Its roof is linked to a 106-meter-high y-shaped arch, which is inspired by the Wembley Stadium and a reference to the South African flag. The roof provides a privileged view of the city and its beaches, having become a popular tourist attraction.




9. US Bank Tower Building – Los Angeles, USA

The U.S. Bank Tower is a 73-story, 310.3-meter tall skyscraper located in Los Angeles, California. It is the 2nd largest building in Los Angeles and California, and the 15th largest building in the United States. It lost its position as California’s largest building when the Wilshire Grand Center was completed.


The building is also the 3rd largest building located in a large active seismic region. Its structure is designed to withstand an 8.3 earthquake at the richter scale. Construction began in 1987, and was completed in 1989. It is one of Los Angeles’s best-known buildings, often appearing in movies and television shows.


10. London Sky Garden – London, UK

20 Fenchurch Street is the address and official name of this commercial skyscraper which, due to its original form, has been nicknamed Walkie Talkie.


Located in London’s historic financial district, it was completed in spring 2014, and its famous three-story Sky Garden opened the following year.


The building is 38 floors and 160 meters high. Sky Garden is located on the top floor and is open to the public with city-wide views. Access to this is completely free.




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