The 5 best renovations to do in the summer


Summer is everyone’s favorite season. The longer, warmer days invite a swim at the beach, a dinner outside, or an outing with friends. But this is also the perfect season to give your home a new lease of life.


The warm weather is ideal for making some improvements to your home and making it even more comfortable. Whether you’re a lover of decorating, a gardening enthusiast, or someone looking for practical improvements, there are a variety of projects you can tackle in this new season that’s just beginning.


Keep reading this article and discover 5 of the best renovations to do during the summer.



1 – Roof Rehabilitation


Rehabilitating your building’s roof is essential to ensure the safety and comfort of all those who use it. As time goes by, it may start to show signs of wear and tear or damage that should be proactively addressed. 


During the summer, the rainy days are less regular and intense, and the ideal conditions for roof maintenance are met. 


We advise you to have a general analysis of the roof, clean the gutters, and check for infiltrations. If necessary, consider rehabilitating your roof, and investing in thermal insulation to prevent the house from overheating during the months of intense heat.


2 – Renovate your kitchen


If you’re always thinking about your dream kitchen, know that summer is the ideal season to get your hands dirty and make the changes you want. 


Consider replacing older cabinets with a modern and functional style, installing new and more energy-efficient appliances, or even revamping the tiles or countertops.


A renovated kitchen will not only bring greater practicality to your daily life, but it will also be the perfect setting for preparing fresh and tasty meals during the summer.



3 – Refresh your outdoor areas


Sunny days are ideal for dedicating yourself to renewing your outdoor areas. If you’ve spent all winter thinking about what you could change about your garden, now is the right time to put all those ideas into practice.


Consider building a deck or porch to create an inviting outdoor space where you can host friends and family. Choose comfortable furniture, add flower beds or other plants, install an automatic irrigation system, and choose appropriate lighting to create a welcoming environment you won’t want to leave.


4 – Give your home a new color and light


A simple and effective way to breathe new life into any space is to update the paint on the walls and the lighting. 


Summer temperatures make it easier for the paint to dry and provide better coverage. Choose vibrant and fresh colors to give life to the environment. Take advantage of natural light to highlight the lighting of the house and, for the night, choose suitable lighting, with LED lamps with low energy consumption and a contemporary design.



5 – Install a solar energy system


Portugal is one of the countries in Europe with the most hours of sunshine per year. 


Therefore, installing a solar energy system should be something to consider making your home more energy efficient and sustainable, and reducing your carbon footprint and energy bill. 


Are you thinking about implementing any of these suggestions?


In the summer, we feel more inspired to transform the surrounding spaces. Take advantage of this new season to dedicate a few hours of your days to renovating your home to make it more welcoming and pleasant, not only for the warmer days, but also for the winter days ahead. 


And remember, planning helps to avoid unpleasant surprises and to ensure that you can put all your ideas into practice.


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