How to keep your house cool in the summer? Check out these 5 tips!



Summer is just around the corner and temperatures are already starting to rise. If the days invite the beach, the pool or outdoor activities, these same temperatures can also turn the house into a real “oven”.


However, there are small details that make the difference when we want to keep the house cool on hot days.


Therefore, we bring you some tips and tricks to ease the heat inside your home, making it more comfortable and cozy.


Continue reading the article to prepare your home for the most expected season of the year.



How to keep your house cool in the summer?


1. Green roofs: a “must-have” in your home

More than a trend, green roofs are a sustainable and efficient solution that has been adopted in many parts of the world.


Green roofs are composed of a layer of vegetation planted over a waterproofing system that is installed on top of a flat or slightly sloped roof.


Besides the visual impact, this solution allows the reduction of temperatures on the roof, helping to cool the building and the surrounding urban environment, being an asset to any home, essentially in the summer.


But if green roofs are essential to guarantee a more pleasant climate, so are green spaces inside the house. Plants help to humidify the environment, thus lowering the temperature inside your home.


If they are placed on the façades in the form of a vertical garden, the plants also serve as a sill against the sun and improve insulation.



Green roofs



2. Invest in thermal insulation

Another way to keep the house cool in the summer is through insulation. When we think of insulation, we immediately think of winter and keeping the heat in, but the same applies in summer to keep the heat out.


Besides, you don’t need to use air conditioning equipment.


For example, good insulation of doors and windows is the fundamental rule for not letting unwanted temperatures enter your home, whether cold or hot.



3. Invest in solar protection glass

Any home can be equipped with solar protection glass or film. By reducing the heat entering the interior of the house, they can also block the entry of UV rays.


This way, the temperature always remains pleasant and energy costs are reduced, since there is no need to use artificial lighting or air conditioning equipment.



4. Prepare your terrace and balcony for the heat

Your home’s outdoor space also deserves attention, particularly if you gather friends and family here in the summer. Make the most of your terrace and balcony and enjoy the sun during the day and the cool breeze in the evening. Invest in sun loungers, tables, plants and chairs, but do not forget the maintenance and waterproofing.


In a single solution, Prudêncio unites aesthetics and functionality to create safe spaces that provide quality, well-being and safety, by rehabilitating terraces with the final finishing of floating paving slabs, a solution that also includes effective thermal insulation.


The use of this solution presents valuable advantages for any work in terms of functionality, since it allows the sidewalk surface to be always dry, ensuring comfort when enjoying the terraces and a greater protection to the waterproofing system.



Prepare your terrace and balcony for the heat



5. Make a well-ventilated house project

Natural ventilation has a huge impact on temperature. So, when you are designing your home, choose your materials well. 


Large sliding doors and well-positioned windows are examples of good choices when it comes to the temperature of the house, as they keep the cool air flowing.


Besides being cool, your home will be more economical and energy efficient.



Other important recommendations to prepare your home for summer

Despite the important tips mentioned above, there are other precautions you can take into consideration to make your home a more pleasant and welcoming space in summer.


  • Leave windows, blinds, doors and curtains closed during the hottest hours;
  • Prefer compact fluorescent or LED bulbs (these bulbs consume less energy and, therefore, release less heat);
  • Avoid using the oven or cooking long meals;
  • Invest in light walls, as they absorb less light and make environments cooler (the same applies to the clothes you wear);
  • Turn off appliances whenever you are not using them;
  • Let the night breeze in;
  • Invest in floors that can cool, such as ceramic and stone floors;
  • Avoid taking long showers during the day and reduce the use of washing machines and dryers to avoid the spread of steam, which causes humidity and heat;
  • Invest in double-glazed windows, as they are an asset when it comes to maintaining a stable temperature inside the house.


Small things like the ones we suggest can help make your home cool on hot days, making it a pleasure to come home at the end of a hot day.


Start applying these tips now and enjoy the best of summer and the coolness of your home.



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