Top 7 Problems for condominiums

There are several problems that can affect a building, whether it is an older building or a newer one.


Condominium management companies deal in a daily basis with these problems, getting to know their effects on the lives of the residents and constantly looking for the most effective solutions for each case.


Most of the problems with which condominiums contact directly are linked to waterproofing.


In this article, we share the perspective of our clients Armando Ferreira and João Moreira, Managing Partners of the Condominium Management Company 9Zero9, about the main problems they face in their work.




The most common problems

9Zero9 identified the 7 most common problems encountered in buildings and which constitute the main challenges for Condominium Management companies:


  • Water tanks

Problems related to water tanks are very common. People often have no idea how water comes to them. With regard to water supply, there are buildings that receive water directly from the company and there are other buildings that work with tanks. Both situations have advantages and disadvantages – buildings that have direct passage have water pressure dependent on the company, which means that if there is any repair work and the company makes water cuts its supply is at risk. If there is a reservoir it is possible to maintain at least 2 days the water pressure.


But water reservoirs, in many cases, are poorly maintained and pose health hazards to residents who may be consuming contaminated water. It is very important that the diagnosis of the reservoir is carried out and, subsequently, its rehabilitation.

Prudêncio is also called to reactivate water tanks, often deactivated several years ago, in order to ensure the water pressure of buildings with pressure problems in the upper floors. It is necessary to waterproof these reservoirs so that the reactivation is done safely and effectively.



For the rehabilitation of water tanks, the waterproofing solution chosen by Prudêncio is the coating with certified TPO membranes.


“Prudêncio presents a waterproofing solution for water tanks that is faster, more functional and more efficient. The ease and speed of application of the Prudêncio solution is a very important advantage, because at the end of the work we can fill the reservoir soon, there is no waiting time like there is with other materials. There are buildings that if they have time to wait in the remodeling of the water tanks do not have enough water pressure, so it has to be a very fast job. With Prudêncio’s solutions, everything is safer too – formerly, with the materials used, water drilling and contamination occurred. Apart from that Prudêncio offers a guarantee that is very good in this type of works.”9Zero9




  • Rehabilitation of Roofs

Roofing problems are one of the most common building problems.


In the case of asbestos roofing, there are many cases in which the tiles are rotten, leading to severe infiltrations and thermal problems. These problems are common in buildings over ten, fifteen years old. Infiltrated roofs can lead residents to have water falling into their homes.


“With Prudêncio’s solution, besides the part of waterproofing we have the thermal part, because materials are used that guarantee the thermal insulation. And it is a very good solution also for the guarantee and the security that gives the fact of being a continuous system, flexible, without cuts. Everything is covered and does not let water enter. The roofs with chimneys, which with other solutions would be more vulnerable because of cuts and trim, with the solution of Prudêncio are coated with the same covering. This gives us assurance that in the future there will be no infiltrations.”9Zero9


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Prudêncio’s work



  • Terraces

In the case of terraces, the most common problems are water infiltrations. In many cases it even rains in the house of the residents.


“The problems of terraces and roofs when there are problems of infiltrations are even serious problems, which greatly affect the lives of people.” 9Zero9



Prudêncio’s work


  • Facades

Many façade problems are caused by poor construction. A building with good construction can be 20 years old and be in good condition with no problems of terraces and facades. In these cases there is natural wear, but less marked than in cases of poor construction.


“As far as facades are concerned, the quality of construction is fundamental. We have seen that the fall of ceramics, for example, which is a common problem in the city of Braga, occurs in buildings with construction errors.“9Zero9




  • Soundproofing

We can also consider sound insulation problems as one of the main problems for condominiums. The complaints of residents regarding the acoustics of buildings are very frequent.


“This problem has improved with the change of legislation, but it is still common. It is a problem that is always talked about in a condominium meeting“- 9Zero9



  • Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation problems are considered, for condominiums, even more common problems than sound insulation. Many buildings do not provide thermal warranties, which means that the top floors become very cold.


“In roofing works we can do the thermal part. Already the part of the acoustics can be solved also individually by each resident, with the placement of false ceilings for example.”9Zero9



  • Rising Damp

In very fertile areas of water, such as riverside buildings, where garages are below river level, there are many problems with water drainage. Water drainage problems can then cause rising damp, which mainly affect the walls of the building on the lower floors. 

“Rising damp happen in the deepest zones, mainly garages. They occur on floors buried underground in contact with the earth – if not done a good job of waterproofing and drainage there may be serious problems of infiltration. Often these are construction errors that are behind these kinds of problems.”9Zero9




Building maintenance

For 9Zero9 the maintenance is fundamental and is not carried out with the frequency due.


“Buildings should carry maintenance work in every 8 years. People do not do preventive maintenance. Residents should focus more on prevention than just resolution when the problem is already at a severe stage. We do not have this culture of prevention.”9Zero9


Fortunately, this is a trend that seems to be changing, as we watch the increasing of the concern about the devaluation of real estate.


“You begin to see the tendency changing, people who buy goods now look more like investment and try to protect buildings more, to protect that investment.”9Zero9




The search for the best solutions

The management companies of condominiums deal every day with the rehabilitation of buildings and with problems that are the result of the techniques and materials used in the past and of negligence during the construction phase. It is up to the companies managing condominiums to look for the best rehabilitation solutions.


“Before the administration of condominium used to present 3 budgets to the residents, this was a current practice. Now we are not doing this. There may be cases in which we present only one budget – that of Prudêncio – which presents us with the best roofing solution, and gives us the assurance that the buildings will be well served. Residents sometimes ask us why they have only a budget and we reply that this budget is what we recommend for the solution itself and because we do not know more companies that do this work with the same effectiveness.”9Zero9

In the case of 9Zero9, sometimes a committee of residents is invited to visit a work to see the proposed solution closely.



“What we do sometimes is get people to work already done and we can convince people that this is the best solution. We had the case of a building where the previous administration had already presented the sandwich solution for the cover and that when we took possession we said that they had to know the Prudêncio solution, which, in addition to being more effective, was slightly cheaper removing the old roof – it’s all applied on it). We created a commission of residents that took to this work where the TPO coverage had already been applied. The residents were convinced and this was the solution applied.” – 9Zero9


Part of the work of Condominium Management companies is the search for the new solutions that exist in the market. You must constantly be aware of innovation and analyze the effectiveness of all long-term solutions.

“When residents are unaware of the solutions and already have another solution in mind, they have difficulty accepting new proposals. We are always ahead and attentive to new solutions and that is why we started working with Prudêncio.” – 9Zero9


Prudêncio Solutions



Factors that the companies of Administration of Condomínios have in consideration in the search for solutions:


  • Warranty
  • Evidence of effectiveness
  • Long term solutions – cost / benefit ratio
  • Expertise and experience


Prudêncio offers specialized solutions that are more economical and more effective in the long term. Discover our special conditions for condominium.

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