Top Home & Garden Trends in 2021



Sustainability, nature, detail, and minimalism are the keywords in the main trends seen and expected in 2021. The confinement, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, made us spend more collective time in our homes than we would have anticipated and, therefore, the search for solutions and ideas that could bring more comfort and well-being came to define new behaviors and needs. 


Discover the main trends in homes and gardens and get inspired to start the renovations you had in mind.



The year 2021 is halfway through, but the routine shaped by isolation and social withdrawal will continue to be a part of our lives. This means that our homes will continue to occupy a large part of our daily lives.

Along these lines, and picking up on the pre-existing needs of the previous year, we are observing new behaviors and perspectives that are molding to the social context in which we are living.


Here are the main trends that you can observe and expect until the end of the year:



Multifunctional Spaces

Our houses and household life have gained a new purpose. As a result, the need for a design that ensures flexibility in a polyvalent way the different activities of everyday life and promotes a healthy environment is growing.


Today, more than ever, details matter, from decoration to shapes and materials, and the emergence of offices that adapt to different spaces. Living rooms require versatility to accommodate socializing, leisure, or remote working. To do so, the need arises to put in place solutions that do not compromise the existing space, for example, decorative accessories such as curtains and partitions for dividing spaces, coffee tables that can serve to work, and new furniture design ideas for the development of prefabricated offices. 


Another trend to combine the different environments consists of using floors with different textures and tones to delimit the spaces, for example, between the kitchen and the living room, increasing the contrast between them.





Minimalism and tranquility

We can observe minimalist decorations both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of the notion of conscious consumption. Simplicity marks the way we reformulate the spaces so that we can look and enjoy them with a sense of comfort and stability


The colors and textures have an increasingly important role to comfort and reassure the different environments of the home. Some studies emphasize the choice of shades that remind us of calm and tranquility. The options range from neutral and earthy tones such as gray, white for the kitchen with wooden details, and more vibrant tones inspired by nature such as green, blue, soft yellow, and intense red and orange.


All of this idealized with a minimalist design, with a more functional and less loaded decoration, privileging and filtering products and pieces that are really needed and that enhance functionality and comfort.




Sustainability is not new, but it is certainly strengthened and influences people’s behaviors in the search for efficient solutions and low emission products that ensure minimum impact on the environment. People have started to worry even more about the organization of spaces and sustainability inside the home.


It is an aspect with increasing weight in decision making and this is already being noticed in the construction and decoration sector which has been continuously searching for new ways to reduce the environmental impact, waste generation, and the use of materials aligned with the emerging needs


As a reflection of the growing recognition of the relationship with nature, some of the trends include the implementation of green roofs, thermal insulation solutions, recycling, waste reduction, and greater use of natural lighting using solar energy or skylights.




A house without any green elements does not meet the standards in 2021. Besides the harmony with the concern for sustainability, the presence of nature inside homes is a trend with great weight in decision making.


Therefore, it has become an indispensable practice to reinforce the feeling of an interior garden and to promote the tranquility and coziness of the spaces. More than an option, investing in gardening has also become a hobby, a new way to develop some activity while spending more time at home.


This year we can observe an increasing demand for vertical gardens on balconies, ornamental and durable plants, home gardens, small window gardens, use of easy-to-grow flowers, and raised garden beds, an excellent option to consider if you are short on space. It is also a trend to build mini vegetable gardens on the windowsill, an ideal solution for growing plants that will add a touch extra to the kitchen since some types of vegetables and herbs can be grown all year round. 


Little space will never be an obstacle to have fresh flowers and plants in the house, making the environment more welcoming and feeling like an extension of the house in harmony with the outside.





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