Trends in the habitation and construction accelerated by the Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way we live and accelerated some habitational trends that were already being implemented gradually. Its effects caused an increase in the demand for residences and in the valuation of houses with larger exterior and interior areas.


Discover in the article below the main trends and how the market has responded to the different challenges.



Comfort and functionality

The search for more comfort, contact with the outside and adequate isolation for remote work have changed the way families perceive the “ideal home” and accelerate habits in the construction market, both in renovations and new constructions. The sector is therefore seeking to respond to the emerging needs of customers, ensuring the well-being and design of multifunctional spaces.


The growing awareness of the spaces and their importance has led people to increasingly seek to unite common and private areas to promote well-being and harmony among the whole family in the different needs in terms of work, rest and leisure. The residences are seen and prepared mainly for the common use of all residents and this often involves the integration of different spaces such as the kitchen and living room. Private spaces have become more valued due to the growing need in their daily use.


The confinement, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, has also affected families’ understanding of their needs for contact with nature and the outside world. People started to notice more the lack of this contact and, therefore, to prefer houses with garden or apartments with terraces or balconies. 


Additionally, remote working, already encouraged by some companies, has begun to gain more importance and there is a greater appreciation for private spaces and properly prepared to perform work from home, ensuring a detachment from the daily routine. In this sense, more practical solutions are beginning to emerge for the creation of a home office without compromising the existing space, that is, new ideas of furniture design and architecture and development of prefabricated offices.


In this sense, the renovations and new constructions of the sector are beginning to have these needs as a priority in the elaboration and execution of new projects accelerated by the situation experienced in the context of a pandemic. The real estate sector is also exploring new opportunities, registering effects on offers, demand and prices that have remained stable.


Modular consctructions

Prefabricated houses have registered a growing demand as a quick and versatile solution to the lack of space and the search for a second residence that favours contact with the outside. Additionally, as it is a solution aligned with environmental principles, it becomes an option with great potential for self-sustainability compared to conventional solutions.


Besides being a more likely economical option, requiring less time in its realization compared to a traditional property, this type of construction can serve different needs and be used in the context of office, school, gym or simply an extra room.



Sustainability and green spaces

With the new reality driven by the pandemic context, there is also a growing need for greener and wider spaces, especially in urban areas and a greater demand for environmentally friendly solutions and sustainable projects.

Customers are beginning to value their relationship with nature more than ever and this has become a determining factor when making decisions, aware that this is a long-term investment that will bring them savings in the future.


Customers now require more energy-efficient construction and renovation plans that ensure the use of more sustainable materials and practices while minimizing the impact on the environment. Such solutions as the implementation of green roofs, thermal isolation solutions and the use of products with low emissions to the environment.


The construction industry has therefore privileged solutions that are more conscious and harmless to the environment, and that respond to the challenges imposed by the valorization of sustainability.




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The construction and real estate industries are molding themselves to the new needs and requirements of the market in a continuous process of reinvention and renewal to address emerging challenges.


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