Waterproofing of large buildings – Challenges and peculiarities

At Prudêncio we are dedicated to waterproofing medium and large buildings and to solving complex challenges. In this article, we will address some of the particularities and challenges of working on buildings of this dimension and present some suitable solutions for this type of work.


Large buildings

When we talk about large-scale works, we may be talking about different areas of the construction sector. At Prudêncio, our activities extend essentially to the following:



What these areas have in common is the size and particularities of the buildings, which requires specialized knowledge and the adaptation of our services to each reality, in order to achieve solutions as they are also efficient and sustainable. Our action focuses on the implementation of waterproofing solutions, with a major impact on the rehabilitation of roofs:


  • Waterproofing with TPO Koster membranes
  • Asbestos-containing fiber cement packaging
  • Metal Roofing – Deck System
  • Terraces and Pavements
  • Landscaped Roofs
Prudêncio’s work – Before and after the rehabilitation of a fiber cement roof, Lisbon


Challenges and peculiarities

The rehabilitation of large works such as school buildings, offices, shopping centers, industrial areas, residential buildings, among others, poses several challenges that do not happen when working on small properties.


To begin, it is necessary that the work is carried out by a team with know-how and specific experience in properties of this dimension and with the necessary equipment to complete the work within the defined period.


Secondly, this type of work makes the need for a waterproofing project prior to the start of the works even more clear. Ideally, this project should be developed during the construction phase, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future, or before rehabilitation work. In a large-scale project, the absence of a detailed plan can lead to failures that will require new rehabilitation work, resulting in much higher expenses than if we were facing a small-scale project.


If we think about the rehabilitation of a public building, the need for a plan is also related to the responsibility of not damaging the heritage.


Thirdly, we have to think that there is a greater requirement to guarantee the longevity of the works carried out since it is not easy to approve the execution of works of this type.


At Prudêncio, we are also very dedicated to rehabilitation works, for which we propose solutions that guarantee the execution of thermal insulation and waterproofing works without stopping the business or without interfering with the normal functioning of buildings, in most cases.


In other realities, such work may cause delays in the works and shutdown of businesses, which, in the case of hypermarkets, commercial or tourist buildings, may represent huge losses of revenue and visitors.


Finally, a peculiarity of this type of buildings that has to be taken into account, is that its size allows the circulation of several people and this creates pressure on the property. The fact that buildings are used for people to live, work, study, visit, shop, among other utilities, it is necessary to ensure the thermal comfort and safety of all these people, even with a high level of pressure on the building.


Prudêncio’s Work – Roof Rehabilitation, Alcochete School


TPO PRO, the new product from KÖSTER

One of the main concerns when starting a waterproofing project for a large project is related to the choice of solutions and materials to be used. The right solution and the best materials are what will make all the difference in the final result.


In any work, including large ones, the bet should be on environmentally friendly and resource-efficient building materials.


At Prudêncio we are partners of KÖSTER, a partnership based on environmental responsibility, sustainability, and technical superiority. We are proud to have the exclusive representation in Portugal for TPO of this German reference brand, whose motto is “maximum sustainability and longevity”.


Among its various innovative solutions, KÖSTER has developed a product specially targeted at major works, the TPO PRO. It is a specialized thermoplastic polyolefin membrane for coverings with large areas and that will be placed by professional applicators, such as Prudêncio. The goal was to reduce the cost of a high-quality roofing membrane as much as possible.


This membrane allows direct placement on any insulation material, such as XPS, EPS, mineral wool or PUR / PIR.


The special composition of this membrane:

  • 100% polymer = TPO;
  • Production flexibility when dispensing mineral loads;
  • Material composition focused on efficiency;
  • Excellent quality and weldability (the top and bottom layers are made of the same material).



  • Approximately 70% of its composition comes from polymers after commercial use;
  • The expected useful life of about 30 years;
  • 100% Recyclable after its life cycle;
  • Combination of function and sustainability;
  • Without plasticizers, solvents, volatile organic compounds, chlorine and halogens;
  • Better use of resources and environmentally sustainable;
  • Great opportunity for a DGNB platinum certificate.


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