What are the main flaws in waterproofing systems?

Most of the problems that can occur in a building – such as moisture, infiltrations, water quality problems, among others – are the result of mistakes in waterproofing systems. But what can these mistakes be? And how can we solve them? Read on to find out more and find out how you can protect your property and your health.


The waterproofing should act as a barrier, which prevents water from infiltrating the structures of the property. If this is not happening, it is necessary to proceed with the identification of the flaw and the rehabilitation, before more pathologies appear. Learn the most common mistakes below.


Absence of a waterproofing project

Waterproofing should be seen as one of the main stages in the process of building a property. It is enough to think that the problems related to waterproofing mistakes are one of the main risk factors for the structures of a property, which can greatly decrease its life span, and endanger its residents.


On the other hand, when living in a building with waterproofing problems in a water tank, for example, we may be consuming contaminated water and developing respiratory diseases, among other serious problems.


Despite these threats, the mistake is sometimes made of not dedicating enough time to the development of a waterproofing project, still in the construction phase of the property.


This is one of the first failures that can lead to the later appearance of pathologies and the need for rehabilitation.



Choosing the wrong waterproofing system

Not all elements and areas of a building are exposed to the same type of threat, nor do they require the same waterproofing solution. Whether in the design phase or in rehabilitation work, it is essential to know how to find the right solution for each need.


As there are different types of situations on-site, the market offers specific products and techniques for each case.


One of the most common mistakes found in waterproofing systems is the choice of the product or the wrong solution. For this reason, it is essential to work with experienced professionals, with an in-depth knowledge of the different waterproofing solutions available.


Prudêncio’s Work – Pingo Doce de Évora, Metal Roof Rehabilitation


Mistakes in the application of solutions

In addition to choosing an inadequate waterproofing system, situations can also occur in which, being the system suitable for the problem in question, its application is not done correctly.


This happens when the solutions are applied by people, companies, or unskilled and inexperienced professionals, who do not follow the manufacturers’ recommendations and the application rules for each solution.


These mistakes can significantly reduce the useful life of good quality material or the effectiveness of the entire system. What happens then is that, often and wrongly, it is the quality of the material and the manufacturer that is called into question and not the team that performed the work.


The complexity and rigorous application requirements for waterproofing solutions make it essential to rely only on specialized, competent, and experienced professionals.


Prudêncio’s Work – During the rehabilitation works of a water tank with the application of Koster TPO Aqua membranes


Use of poor quality materials

When choosing waterproofing materials, a careful evaluation of the price-quality ratio is necessary.


Choosing inferior material for its lower price may seem like a good deal at first, but it proves to be a disastrous deal in the medium and long term, as it is necessary to invest in frequent repairs and maintenance or increase the losses resulting from infiltrations.


The choice of poor quality materials is one of the main factors in reducing the service life of a waterproofing system.


In the case of company buildings or factories, it is also necessary to consider the indirect costs resulting from stopping these businesses, if this is necessary for the execution of the repair work.


Prudêncio’s Work – Alcochete School, Rehabilitation of roofing with waterproofing membranes


Trust specialized and experienced professionals

At Prudêncio we have more than 40 years of experience in finding the best waterproofing solutions.


We are dedicated to complex jobs and waterproofing of large buildings and we are proud to have the exclusive representation in Portugal for TPO of the German brand KÖSTER, which is well known in the market for the quality of its solutions.


We have already carried out works throughout the country and yours may be next. Get in touch with us and schedule a meeting.



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