What is the lifespan of Prudêncio’s solutions?



With over 40 years of experience, Prudêncio focuses its activity in the areas of roof waterproofing, water tanks and rising damp treatment, within the construction sector. It adapts its services to all challenges presented and proposes customized, efficient and sustainable solutions.


We can be found all over the country, establishing relationships of trust and guaranteeing the services provided. Above all, we excel in quality, safety and detail.


To better clarify those who follow us and those who may want to contact us, we will address in this article the duration of Prudêncio’s solutions.


Read on and find out the guarantees we give to our customers.



Prudêncio's work at Casa de Sá, Ponte de Lima - Köster Crisin 76 Concentrate solution for rising damp by capillarity
Prudêncio’s work at Casa de Sá, Ponte de Lima – Köster Crisin 76 Concentrate solution for rising damp by capillarity


Quality and durable solutions

Prudêncio Impermeabilizações is a reference company in the waterproofing market in Portugal. 


Our services provide innovative and effective solutions for specific needs. Taking into account the various services, the duration of our solutions depends on a number of factors and also depends on the solution itself.



Bituminous Systems

For bituminous systems, the guarantee we usually give our customers is 10 years. 


Nevertheless, we only apply these systems in rare circumstances or for special customers.



Köster TPO Systems

As for Köster TPO systems, we offer warranties of 15 to 25 years, depending on the thickness of the membranes: 1.5, 1.8 and 2.0 mm.


Despite the given warranty time mentioned here, Köster TPO membranes have a durability of more than 40 years, even when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.


In a test performed on a Köster TPO membrane, and after more than 14 years of use on the Köster industrial roof in Germany, the TPO was found to maintain the same characteristics overall as stated in the product datasheet. That is, after a long period of use and wear, the membrane showed signs of normal use, but was still in perfect condition. This means that, in theory, it could be sold, after all these years of use, as new.


Furthermore, with a simple preparation, it was possible to make perfect welds, also as if the membrane were new. The ability to be welded after long periods of exposure is one of the important advantages of Köster’s TPO membranes.


This added value reduces time and effort on large projects that take months or years to complete.



Prudêncio’s work at Zeuma, Mafra
Prudêncio’s work at Zeuma, Mafra


The importance of relationships and sustainability

Prudêncio applies efficient solutions and makes a point of providing long warranties. Thus, it reinforces two major pillars of its mission.



1. Serve the customer well, maintaining lasting relationships of trust

Our action is based on customer satisfaction, namely through the quality and individualization of the solutions presented.


With creativity, attention to detail and a spirit of availability and good will, we take care of each client as if he was unique and experience his problems as if they were our own.


We adapt our solutions to the needs of each client and offer professional advice and specialized technical support.



2. Sustainability

From a global perspective, we attach great importance to the sustainability of our relationship with our customers (with special attention to after-sales service), of our jobs and of the relationship with suppliers and other entities involved in our activity.


Furthermore, we give equal importance to the meaning that is usually attributed to it: caring for the health of our planet


In fact, sustainability is part of Prudêncio’s core business since its origin. This means that we privilege environmentally responsible materials and processes in our works.


Köster’s TPO is an example of that. This system protects the environment with its extreme longevity, for being totally recyclable, and for not containing toxic or dangerous compounds.



Prudêncio's work at Mediapro, Venda do Pinheiro
Prudêncio’s work at Mediapro, Venda do Pinheiro



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