Why a green roof? (4 projects you need to know)


There is nothing more enjoyable than adding a touch of green to an urban center! 


Whether it’s for recreational use or to help improve the health and well-being of residents, green roofs are increasingly motivating homeowners to invest in this solution.

We highlight four very interesting projects that you should get to know.
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Increasingly popular

If you have never heard of this type of structure you will surely be surprised by all the advantages it presents.


But what is a green roof? Very briefly, it is a permanent installation created with plant elements designed to be part of the building structure.


Green roofs add beauty to urban environments, helping to lessen the impact on the environment by reducing roof temperatures, cooling the building and the surrounding urban environment.


They also have some beneficial effects on people’s health as they help to filter the air, reduce ambient noise, collect and filter rainwater, and contribute to biodiversity.


In addition, all green roofs include some important features such as waterproofing, insulation, and drainage to ensure that the structure is safe and free from damage.


For all these reasons, cities all over the world can’t hide their admiration for this solution.  Hamburg and Chicago are two example cities that support this type of structure and offer financial incentives for buildings, both residential and commercial, to make this type of investment.





They improve the urban environment

Urban planners and architects are seeking to give new value to the role of buildings in urban planning. Considering the urban heat island effect and stormwater management, green roofs are gaining more and more attention in the construction world.


It has been proven that this solution helps triple the life expectancy of the roof, resulting from the materials used.  Nevertheless, because of all these benefits green roofing substantially increases property values.


There are lots of opportunities for use inherent in this solution! Whether as community gardens or recreational spaces, green roofs introduce significant visual changes, but also in terms of well-being and quality of life.


Now that we know more about some of the main advantages, let’s discover four examples from around the world!




1. California Academy of Science, São Francisco

Inspired by the surroundings of Golden Gate Park and the hills of San Francisco, architect Renzo Piano designed this new building, completed in 2008, that is home to approximately 1.7 million native plants.


With a strong commitment to sustainability and the promotion of biodiversity, the project also includes the installation of rechargeable vehicle stations and solar panels throughout the structure.


California Academy of Science, São Francisco


2. City Hall, Chicago

As a solution to the lack of green spaces in the city, the Urban Heat Island Initiative was created in 2000 to test the benefits of green roofs on air temperature, air quality, and stormwater absorption.


A perfect example of this was the garden created on the roof of City Hall. This project has included a wide variety of plants, shrubs, and medium-sized trees and has proven that this solution not only helps to reduce the Urban Heat Island effect but also improves air quality and helps to retain a large amount of rainwater, reducing the building’s water and energy consumption!


City Hall, Chicago



3. Mountain Equipment Co-op, Toronto

Known for its focus on social, environmental, and economic sustainability, the MEC retail store is very popular in Toronto not only for its quality outdoor, apparel, and camping equipment, but also for its magnificent green roof composed of indigenous meadow plants, flowers, and grasses that do not require frequent watering.


Installed in 1998 and synchronized with the urban environment, this project maximized the building’s efficiency and minimized environmental impacts. More than 20 years later it continues to spark much curiosity!


Mountain Equipment Co-op, Toronto




4. Nomura, Angel Lane, Londres

Overlooking the Thames river and with a size that equals eight tennis courts, the Japanese financial services company Nomura Group’s building houses a garden on the 6th floor with flowers, hedges, herbaceous plants, ferns, herbs and grasses, a vegetable garden and picnic tables for adjacent diners.


This space is open to staff and customers and offers stunning views over the city of London.




An effective and practical use of space

The projects we have seen demonstrate the social value of green roofs. Access to these spaces can provide a better quality of life while promoting biodiversity in the cultivation of a greater variety of plants.


The arguments to promote this type of investment are many, but most important is the implementation of an integral solution that meets all health and safety requirements.


From the waterproofing system, insulation and drainage to the design and implementation of the garden or green space, Prudêncio is a partner that helps you throughout the process by favoring environmentally responsible materials and processes.


Whenever possible, we advise our customers to adopt green roofs in the renovation of existing buildings or to include them in new projects.

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