Why is waterproofing systems a safety guarantee?

Medium and long term building safety is a priority in any construction or renovation project. And among the various ways of ensuring this same safety, waterproofing appears as one of the most relevant. But, after all, what safety guarantees does waterproofing give us? Read this article to learn more and discover the importance of this solution.


The waterproofing system works as a barrier that prevents the infiltration of water into the structures of the property. This solution involves the act of isolating and protecting the building materials from the passage of liquids or vapors. In this way, the living conditions of the building are preserved. 

It becomes evident the importance of developing a waterproofing project, during the construction phase of the property. 


More and more, waterproofing systems are seen as an essential component of any work.  It is at this time that waterproofing companies such as Prudêncio emerge, being responsible for the development of quality projects that detail the ideal waterproofing products and solutions for the construction site.


Waterproofing as a synonym for safety

The choice of the best products and specific waterproofing solutions for each building is essential to ensure safety and comfort for the residents. If the waterproofing system is not well designed or carried out during construction, several serious problems can arise as a consequence of this poor application, such as humidity, infiltrations and problems in water quality, which consequently compromise the durability of the building and the health of its inhabitants. Having said this, the waterproofing may have to be renewed later. 


Prudêncio’s work – Rehabilitation 9zero9 Condominium Management – Waterproofing TPO


Building security

By finding a quality waterproofing solution, we are guaranteeing protection against humidity, which causes problems for the property, weakening and damaging its structures or finishes. Furthermore, the house furniture, as well as clothing, books and other goods will not be safe either, as humidity can cause permanent damage. In the end, waterproofing is a way to avoid infiltrations and to defend against fungus and bacteria that imply the destruction of your heritage.


Ensure quality of life 

As a result of the lack of waterproofing, humidity can invade the building and also become a health problem for those who live there. This situation affects all residents and can even cause respiratory problems such as allergies, asthma and pain. This happens because the excess of humidity leads to the appearance of moulds, whose spores are the major cause of allergic respiratory diseases. In the case of babies and elderly, these problems can assume more serious scenaries 


Prudêncio’s work – Nave em Marvila – Rehabilitation of fiber cement roof


An economic security

Thinking and prioritizing waterproofing at the beginning of the work represents a long-term investment. A quality waterproofing solution is a guarantee that the heritage will be preserved and the quality of life assured. If the problems are detected later, you will inevitably have to spend more. In fact, if this happens and you manage to detect the origin of your infiltration problem, you should try to solve it as soon as possible, to minimize the consequences of it. Moreover, it should be noted that the appearance of problems also causes great physical and emotional wear and tear to the owner or user of the building. Basically, the preventive implementation of effective waterproofing solutions is the best way to avoid financial losses and serious material damage.



Water quality assurance

The importance of waterproofing also becomes evident when problems arise in water quality. In some buildings there are water reservoirs, whose waterproofing is essential to maintain the quality of the water and the safety of those who consume it. One of Prudêncio’s frequent services is the rehabilitation or reactivation of reservoirs, sometimes deactivated several years ago, in order to guarantee the water pressure of buildings with pressure problems on the last floors. In these cases, adequate waterproofing guarantees safe and effective rehabilitation.

Prudêncio’s work – Water tank waterproofed with TPO Aqua


The security of choosing Pudêncio


Prudêncio Impermeabilizações is a renowned company in the waterproofing systems market in Portugal, with over 40 years of experience. We create daily specialized solutions adjusted to the needs of each client. In addition, we are specialists in solving humidity problems and implementing innovative solutions.

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