6 roofing projects by Prudêncio for inspiration



As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. This premise gains relevance when it comes to waterproofing.


Roofs are a fundamental part of buildings, as they protect them from the entry of water, being the most responsible for their thermal efficiency. Besides, a bad constructive solution can compromise the durability and integrity of the building.


So, and taking into account the importance of investing in waterproofing, we give you some examples of successful roofing carried out by Prudêncio.


Keep reading to learn more about these projects.



Mediapro, Venda do Pinheiro


Safety first: the importance of waterproofing

Several times we have written in our blog – and it can’t be repeated enough – about the importance of waterproofing for buildings and their inhabitants, as in this recent article: Opportunities and challenges of Waterproofing.


To ensure safety and comfort for the residents, it is crucial to make a selection of the best waterproofing products and their applicators. This, is because serious problems may arise from a bad waterproofing solution, such as humidity and water infiltrations, which compromise everyone’s health and the building’s durability.


Therefore, investing in roofing is betting on your safety and the safety of those around you. Because we are aware of the responsibility involved in the rehabilitation of a roof, we will present you six examples of successful projects performed by Prudêncio.



1. Fanqueiro Elementary School

Fanqueiro Elementary School, in Loures, is an example of a successful project. 


With Prudêncio’s waterproofing solution, the metallic cover of the gymnasium of this school, which had already been subject to some insufficient solutions, has now definitively solved its water ingress problems that disturbed the students’ activity in this space.



Fanqueiro Elementary School


2. Macau Pavilion

The gallery of the Macau Pavilion had several water ingress problems that resulted from the multiple configurations of the roof. The roof is composed of two higher blocks connected to the lower console by eight vertical areas.


In turn, the overhang surrounding the building, like the roofs of the upper areas, had common weaknesses in metal roofing, such as: discontinuity in gutters, window sills and other elements; inefficient finishes; advanced corrosion and several thermal bridges.


The metal roofing rehabilitation solution implemented by Prudêncio is based on a proven system that protected this emblematic building.


The vulnerability to rainwater and the problem of thermal bridges were definitively solved by a system that ensures total watertightness, either by the continuity solution or by the quality of the thermal insulation and waterproofing membranes used.



Macau Pavilion



3. Mediapro, Venda do Pinheiro

For Mediapro, ensuring that its activity would not be impaired or suffer any downtime during the rehabilitation of the roof was a mandatory requirement, being this one of the most important advantages of the solution proposed by Prudêncio.


Thus, our work took place simultaneously with the recording of “Cristina ComVida”, “5 Para a Meia Noite” and other well-known TV shows.


The thermal efficiency of Köster’s TPO waterproofing system, combined with the lightness of the total solution, was another decision factor.



Mediapro, Venda do Pinheiro



4. Recheio from Vila do Conde

Prudêncio also left its mark in Vila do Conde, this time at Recheio.


A large roof that presented several weaknesses was fully renovated with Prudêncio’s metal roofing rehabilitation solution, without suspending the normal operation of the space.



Recheio from Vila do Conde



5. Régua Douro Hotel

Régua Douro Hotel was another success case for Prudêncio, who used Köster TPO membranes for waterproofing the building, after placing efficient polyisocyanurate (PIR) thermal insulation throughout the roof.


During the rehabilitation of the zinc roof of Régua Douro Hotel, Prudêncio was discreet and didn’t cause any disturbance to its normal operation.



Régua Douro Hotel


6. Alegro Sintra

Prudêncio performed another work in the former Fórum Sintra.


Alegro Sintra Shopping Center was rehabilitated by our team, which performed a new waterproofing in an area of approximately 20 thousand square meters.



Alegro Sintra



Prime for safety and choose Prudêncio

We have several years of experience in roof waterproofing and it is challenges like these that motivate us in a unique and exceptional way.


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